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What is a standard form 97?

What is a standard form 97?

Form SF97 is a U.S. government-issued certificate that can be used to obtain a title for a vehicle. This form can be taken to your local titling agency.

Are government vehicles titled?

U.S. Government Departments, Agencies, and Offices can place an order for this form at or with either a government purchase card or AAC (Activity Address Code). The Stock Number is 7540-01-509-5208.

How do I get an SF97?

To obtain an SF97 you will need to complete an End-User Certificate which essentially tells the U.S. Government you’re not about to ship your new Hummer overseas to support rebel causes. You’ll need a bill of sale as well; GovPlanet currently charges $25 for a bill of sale and $50 for an SF97.

What does clean SF97 mean?

The form SF97 reassures the government that the vehicle is for your own use and not being shipped to enemies overseas. With the bill of sale and completed SF97, you can usually take everything to your local DMV and receive a clean title after a few more months of waiting.

How do you make a Humvee street legal?

Rules For Hummers Per State

  1. States That DON’T Allow Humvees on Public Roads.
  2. States Where It Is Possible to Register Your Humvee.
  3. 1) Get a Title During the Auction.
  4. 2) Buy a Humvee in Good Condition.
  5. 3) Get Your Paperwork Ready.
  6. 4) Avoid Calling the Vehicle Known Terms.
  7. 5) Register As An Antique Vehicle.

Is GovPlanet com legit?

GovPlanet is a leading online auction marketplace for buying and selling used construction and agricultural equipment. Unlike other auction companies, our equipment is inspected & guaranteed. Our convenient, reliable, and easy-to-use auction approach minimizes hassles and maximizes both buyer and seller satisfaction.

Do military vehicles have VIN numbers?

military. Most of these vehicles are complying and have: —A 17 digit vehicle identification number (VIN). These vehicles will not have: —A 17 digit VIN, but will have a serial number. —A secondary or alternate VIN.

Can Humvees be street legal?

When you buy a military hummer, it will not be street legal, unlike civilian Hummers like the H1, H2, and H3 that are all road-legal. If a Humvee is listed as off-road only, it may not have the hardware to pass any DMV inspection.

How hard is it to register a Humvee?

2) Buy a Humvee in Good Condition Registering a Humvee for road use is hard enough. But it can become almost impossible to pass DMV scrutiny if the vehicle has issues. Whether you are buying through an auction or from a private person, it’s vital to get a Humvee in the best condition.