What is a short timer stick?

What is a short timer stick?

The length of the stick represented, in inches, the number of days left to serve in the military. Each day, Ron would cut off one inch of the stick. By the time he rotated, his stick would be to the end.

What was a short timer in Vietnam?

Various types of Short Timer calendars were used by artillerymen in Vietnam to count their remaining days left in country. These usually consisted of a sectioned line-drawing with “color in” blocks, numbered with a count-down of remaining days (similar to “Paint by number”), and began at 30 to 90 days.

What was an RTO in Vietnam?

“As an RTO, I was responsible for reporting conflicts or firefights to headquarters which would in turn provide support whether air or ground to units that were in conflict,” Shingteton said.

What does a short timer mean?

Noun. short-timer (plural short-timers) (US, military, historical) A soldier during the Vietnam War who had less than two months to serve. (military) A person who would not be required to do a difficult or dangerous task. (colloquial) An employee who has given notice of their intent to leave.

What does it mean when someone calls you a short timer?

short-timernoun. A person who would not be required to do a difficult or dangerous task.

What is a short timer in the military?

Filters. (military) A soldier during the Vietnam war who had less than two months to serve. noun. (military) A person who would not be required to do a difficult or dangerous task.

What does short time mean?

a situation in which workers work fewer hours or days than usual because there is not much work to do: on short time Hundreds of people in the company are now on short time. A few weeks ago several Japanese car factories had to go onto short-time working because they didn’t have enough steel.

What was signal operating instructions used for in Vietnam?

Used for signaling. Signal Operating Instructions. The booklet that contained all of the call signals and radio frequencies of the units in Vietnam. standard amount paid by the U.S. government to Vietnamese civilians when U.S. forces were deemed responsible for a wrongful civilian death.

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What was the swagger stick in World War 2?

Swagger Stick, WW2 German Officer’s custom from animal horn. (Riding crop model) MILITARY, MARINES, SWAGGER STICK.

What did soldiers do at the end of their tour in Vietnam?

soldier nearing the end of his tour in Vietnam when a soldier had approximately two months remaining on his tour in Vietnam, he might take a long stick and notch it for each of his remaining days in-country. As each day passed he would cut the stick off another notch until on his rotation day he was left with only a small stub.