What is a sentence for arrange?

What is a sentence for arrange?

He arranged some fresh fruit neatly on a plate. arranging flowers in a vase We arranged and rearranged the order several times. She arranged her hair on top of her head. Please arrange a meeting with your partners.

What is the meaning of arrange for?

1. To organize or plan something. A noun or pronoun is sometimes used between “arrange” and “for,” and a specific time is often given after “for.” I will arrange for you two to meet this week.

Can you arrange in a sentence?

“This is all I could arrange on such short notice,” she said to Galanter. “I like looking at places and thinking how I could arrange them or make them better”. I told Seetoh that I’d be in Singapore as soon as I could arrange it.

How do you use the word arrange?

arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events.

  1. My secretary will phone you to arrange a meeting.
  2. We will arrange about it tomorrow.
  3. He charged me to arrange everything.
  4. I will endeavour to arrange it.
  5. Arrange the chicken and salad in a serving dish.
  6. Arrange the tomato slices evenly on the top.

How do you arrange sentences in correct order?

Place time expressions at the end of the sentences.

  1. go / now / home / will / I →
  2. give / the present / tomorrow / we / him / will →
  3. her / met / last night / at / we / the station →
  4. was / last week / he / in hospital →
  5. in Greece / spend / I / will / next year / my holiday →

What is the meaning of arrange meeting?

to arrange a meeting: to organize, to schedule or to plan a meeting. idiom. We should arrange a meeting to talk about this. Let’s organize a day when we are both available to meet.

What is the synonym of arrange?

Some common synonyms of arrange are marshal, methodize, order, organize, and systematize.

Which is the correct definition of the word Arrange?

Definition of arrange. transitive verb. 1 : to put into a proper order or into a correct or suitable sequence, relationship, or adjustment arrange flowers in a vase arrange cards alphabetically. 2 : to make preparations for : plan arranged a reception for the visitor.

Which is the best definition of the word rearrange?

verb (used without object), ar·ranged, ar·rang·ing. to make plans or preparations: They arranged for a conference on Wednesday. to make a settlement; come to an agreement: to arrange with the coal company for regular deliveries.

How are the elements of a sentence arranged?

Clinobeds are arranged in clinothems of dominantly bioclastic, grain-supported deposits. In galeropygoids and first cassiduloids, phyllopodia became larger and arranged in arcs of three. His flow was anisotropic in the form of steady periodically arranged two-dimensional rolls. Sentence elements are arranged circularly around the center of topic.

What does it mean to arrange books on a shelf?

to place in proper, desired, or convenient order; adjust properly: to arrange books on a shelf. to come to an agreement or understanding regarding: The two sides arranged the sale of the property. to prepare or plan: to arrange the details of a meeting.