What is a PSpice model library?

What is a PSpice model library?

Back to Models. PSpice is a high performance SPICE simulator that is used in combination with OrCAD Capture to simplify the design and testing of both analog and mixed signal circuits. The software is sold and maintained by Cadence Design Systems.

How many libraries does PSpice have?

New project design flow and options. There are four types of OrCAD® libraries. As shown in Fig.

What is the history of PSpice?

PSpice was released in January 1984, and was the first version of UC Berkeley SPICE available on an IBM Personal Computer. PSpice later included a waveform viewer and analyser program called Probe.

What is meant by PSpice?

PSPICE is a circuit analysis tool that allows the user to simulate a circuit and extract key voltages and currents. Information is entered into PSPICE via one of two methods; they are a typed ‘Net List’ or by designing a visual a schematic which is transformed into a netlist.

How do I write a PSpice program?

Execute PSPICE using the circuit file created as the input.

  1. PSpice Netlist (Circuit) File Format:
  2. Vxxx N1 N2 DC [VALUE]
  3. Vxxx N1 N2 AC [VALUE]
  4. Vxxx N1 N2 SIN(VO VA [Freq[Td[Df[Phase]]]])
  5. Vxxx N1 N2 EXP (V1 V2 [Td1[Td2[Tau2]]])
  6. Vxxx N1 N2 PWL (T1 V1 {Tu Vu]…)
  7. Vxxx N1 N2 PULSE (V1 V2 [Td[Tr[Tf[PW[Period]]]]])

Who uses PSpice?

Companies Currently Using OrCAD PSpice Designer

Company Name Website Country
Raytheon US
Zoetis US
Eaton Corporation US
Boeing US

How do you add a library to PSpice?

From Pspice Schematics menu: Choose Analysis -> Library and Include Files Click on Browse, find cmos. lib, and click on Open Click on Add Library* Click on OK.

What do you need to know about the PSpice library?

The type of device (transistor, diode, etc.). The generic or standard industry name of the device. The name of the part in the PSpice library. The name of the PSpice library the part is stored in. The name of the manufacturer of the device.

When did the PSpice User Guide come out?

PSpice User Guide Preparing a design for simulation October 2019 139 Product Version 17.4-2019 © 1999-2019 All Rights Reserved. Things to check in your system configuration Using parts that you can simulate The PSpice part libraries 1 supply numerous parts designed for simulation.

Which is part has a corresponding PSpice model?

Every part listed has a corresponding PSpice model. The listings are categorized into the following groups: Analog Digital Mixed Signal General devices General devices General devices Japanese devices TTL devices European devices Device Type Generic Name Part Name Part Library Mfg. Name Tech Type

Is there a way to download a PSpice model?

Such model container is not to be downloaded, as such models are already available in PSpice default libraries. You can find the same structure with descriptions of those components if you open OrCAD Capture and you click on Place – PSpice Component – Search.