What is a mate of towing?

What is a mate of towing?

Mate (Pilot) of T/V for a route superior to the current route on which the holder. has no operating experience after passing an examination for that additional. route. After holder completes 90 days of experience and a TOAR on that. route, the MMC will be endorsed as Master of Towing and Mate (Pilot) will be.

What is an apprentice mate?

An Apprentice Mate (Steersman) of Towing Vessels is a training license for Mate of Towing. Once you receive the Apprentice Mate Steersman license you continue to work on board the tug as a deckhand and receive training as a watch-stander under the direct supervision of the mate or master.

What is a TOAR?

The Towing Officers Assessment Records (TOAR) is a document that lists tasks to be performed or explained (as appropriate), in the presence of a designated examiner.

How do I become a steersman?


  1. To Apprentice Mate (Steersman) of Towing Vessels – 18 months service; pass USCG Apprentice Mate exam or #2.
  2. Apprentice Mate to Mate (Pilot) of Towing Vessels – 12 months service as Apprentice Mate; TOAR or Approved Course; 3 months on route(s); Radar Observer Certificate.

How do I get a master towing license?

and fleeting operations on the western rivers you are required to have, at a minimum, a license as a Master of Towing vessels (Limited). This license requires a minimum of 540 days as a “deckhand,” and an additional 540 days steering the vessel. This is then followed by a practical exam by a USCG approved examiner.

How do I get a USCG towing endorsement?

You must submit an Application Packet to the US Coast Guard (USCG) to earn a license. You may submit your application packet to the USCG before or after taking a course.

How do you become a tugboat mate?

You can qualify for this certification by working for four years on a tugboat with at least 18 months as a mate. To work as a mate, you must have at least 30 months of experience with at least 12 months as a mate’s apprentice.

How do you get a towing endorsement?

If you currently have a Class D or E license, you must obtain at least a Non-CDL Class C license (see NOTE below) and take a written test for the towing endorsement (“W”). If you have a Class A, B, C, or Non-CDL Class C license, you have to take only the written test for the towing endorsement (“W”).

How much does a first mate make on a tugboat?

Salary Ranges for Tugboat Mates The salaries of Tugboat Mates in the US range from $29,839 to $134,950 , with a median salary of $53,450 . The middle 60% of Tugboat Mates makes between $53,450 and $76,780, with the top 80% making $134,950.

How much do tugboat operators make?

According to Payscale, the average salary for a Tug Boat Captain is $101,840, with varied incomes from $62,000 to $151,000.

Do you need a CDL to drive tow truck?

Guidance: For CDL purposes, the tow truck and its towed vehicle are treated the same as any other powered unit towing a non-powered unit. If the GCWR of the tow truck is 26,001 pounds or more and the towed vehicle alone exceeds 10,000 pounds GVWR, then the driver needs a Class A CDL.

Is tugboat captain a good job?

Good Pay and Time Off Tugboat captains earn attractive salaries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, captains, mates and pilots of water vessels earn an average salary of $87,420, which comes out to an average of $42.03 hourly. Captains whose licenses allow them to tug large vessels tend to earn the most.

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