What is a Groshong PICC line?

What is a Groshong PICC line?

Groshong® catheters are a type of central venous catheter, which are placed under direct fluoroscopic visualization in an angiography suite. They can be tunnelled or non-tunnelled and are similar to a Hickman catheter, with the main difference being that Groshong catheters have a three-way valve at its tip.

How long can a power PICC stay in?

A PICC can stay in your body for your entire treatment, up to 18 months. Your doctor will remove it when you don’t need it anymore.

Are power PICC lines valved?

Non-Valved PICC Lines (placed inside arm) Peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC) are thin, flexible tubes (catheters) placed in a large vein. PICCs may have more than one line and have clamps.

Does a Groshong need heparin?

When maintained in accordance with these instructions, the GROSHONG® Central Catheter does not require the use of heparin to flush the catheter lumens. However, use of heparin will not adversely affect the catheter and may be necessary based on patient status or use of alternate flushing and locking techniques.

Is a Groshong a PICC?

Groshong catheters come in PICC line variations as well. The Groshong catheter is a trademark of Bard Access Systems. The device is named after its inventor, LeRoy E. Groshong, MD, a surgical oncologist based in Oregon.

How fast do you flush a PICC line?

How do I flush my PICC?

  1. Place your supplies on a clean surface.
  2. Wash your hands for 30 seconds.
  3. Open a cleaning pad.
  4. Take the syringe out of the plastic wrapper.
  5. Push the syringe onto the injection cap.
  6. Slowly push on the plunger of the syringe to flush your catheter.
  7. Remove the syringe and throw it away.

What is the difference between a power PICC and a PICC line?

Likewise, what is a power PICC? The Power PICC is a purple central venous catheter that has been approved by the FDA for power injection of contrast in adults and children. Refer to the marking on the hub of the catheter to determine the maximum rate of injection and to choose the correct lumen for power injection.

Which is better a Groshong or an open-ended PICC?

20 valved Groshong®silicone PICC (Bard Inc): All single lumen 4 French Catheter specification 18 open-ended silicone PICCs (Bard Inc., BD, Cook Medical Inc.): 8 single lumen 4 French 9 single lumen 5 French 1 double lumen 5 French Population

What do you need to know about PICC line care?

PICC Line Care: Flushing Refer to MGH Nursing Policies and Procedures in Ellucid Type of Catheter Routine Flushing Frequency of Flush PICCs and power-injectable PICCs (e.g. Bard Power PICC) Adults: 10-20ml of 0.9% saline after infusion 20-30ml of 0.9% saline after blood draw or blood transfusion Adolescents: Heparin 10 units/ml; flush

What are the different types of PICC catheters?

PICC Characteristics o Catheter types: • single lumen (SL) • double lumen (DL) • triple lumen (TL) o Catheter sizes: • 2F to 6F o Catheter styles: • non-power PICC • Power PICC • saline-only or valved PICC (Solo