What is a FreeForm lens?

What is a FreeForm lens?

Free-form Technology The newest lens technology will change the way you see—forever. It’s called “free-form,” a digital manufacturing process that uses computer-aided design and surfacing to create high-level, customized eyeglass lenses with your unique prescription. Think of it as a tailor for your eyes.

What are FreeForm Varifocals?

Freeform varifocal lenses are the most advanced versions of progressive lenses. They are created by computer-driven equipment and are made to suit each individual specification. These lenses are called “back-surface lenses” because of the technology used to create them.

What are the benefits of aspheric lenses?

Aspheric lenses offer many benefits, including:

  • Spherical aberration correction (makes corrected image less blurry)
  • Improved performance.
  • Slimmer and thinner profile.
  • More frame options, even for people with strong prescriptions.
  • Improved image quality.
  • Sleeker profile.
  • Lightweight and more comfortable.

What is another name for progressive lenses?

multifocal lenses
Progressive lenses, also called multifocal lenses, progressive addition lenses (PAL), varifocal lenses, progressive power lenses, graduated prescription lenses, or progressive spectacle lenses are corrective lenses used in eyeglasses to correct presbyopia and other disorders of accommodation.

How much do free form lenses cost?

Practices with only one location sold free form progressives for an average of $402.93, while practices with more than five locations sold free forms for $436.82 on average–over $30 more per pair. Free forms were also more expensive in the Midwest region of the US than other regions ($431.60 in the Midwest vs.

What is the difference between FreeForm and digital lenses?

Traditional lenses are surfaced on 1 side and patient’s best vision is in the center of the lens. Digital lenses are surfaced on both sides and often called free-form because the lens is customized to the patient’s prescription in a very precise manner.

How much do aspheric lenses cost?

How Much Do Aspheric Lenses Cost? Prices for aspheric lenses vary a lot. They start at approximately 100$ per lens and go up to 400$. You need always to have a look at the whole package.

Which is better bifocal or progressive lens?

There aren’t any lines in the lens—instead, your vision flows smoothly. Like bifocals, you’ll still look up to see far away objects. Unlike bifocals, progressives have a middle or intermediate area. Most people have a much easier time adjusting to progressive lenses than they do to bifocal or trifocal lenses.