What is a COP4?

What is a COP4?

Form COP4: Apply to become someone’s deputy (make a declaration) Tell the court about your personal and financial circumstances, and how you’d make decisions on behalf of someone (become their deputy).

What is a cop 9 form?

Form COP9: Apply to make decisions on someone’s behalf (‘application notice’) Use this ‘application notice’ to tell court that you’re going to apply for a Court of Protection order.

Does the Court of Protection charge?

a. You need to pay the application fee twice if you’re applying to become both a property and financial affairs deputy and a personal welfare deputy (see above). If the court decides that there needs to be a hearing then you will also need to pay a £500 fee. The court will confirm to you if this is payable.

What does a Court of Protection Solicitor do?

Services in: Court Of Protection Solicitors The Court of Protection is the judicial body responsible for making decisions relating to the management of finances and other affairs of those individuals who lack the mental capacity to do so themselves.

How many people can apply for Deputyship?

You must name at least 3 people in your application who know the person you’re applying to be deputy for. For example, their relatives, a social worker or doctor. The court may not accept your application if you do not send the ‘assessment of capacity’ (COP3) form.

Who can complete a COP3?

The COP3 is the statutory form required by the Court of Protection for assessment of capacity. The form needs to be completed by an assessing clinical professional such as a psychiatrist.

What is a cop15 notice?

This notice is to tell you that an application form has been issued by the Court of Protection. The court has powers to make decisions regarding the property and affairs and personal welfare of people who lack capacity to make such decisions.

Can Solicitor be litigation friend?

The Official Solicitor will act as a litigation friend if: there’s money available to pay the Official Solicitor’s costs, for example legal aid. the person’s doctor or another medical professional, for example their psychiatrist, confirms they lack capacity to manage the case (unless they’re a child)

What is the difference between power of attorney and Court of Protection?

A – Power of Attorney gives an appointed Attorney the power to make welfare and/or financial decisions on someone’s behalf, when they lose the capacity to do so themselves. A Court of Protection order can be used to give additional powers to an Attorney, dealing with the affairs of someone without mental capacity.

Can 2 people apply for Deputyship?

Deputies are usually close relatives or friends of the person who needs help making decisions. If you want to become a property and affairs deputy, you need to have the skills to make financial decisions for someone else. The court can appoint 2 or more deputies for the same person.