What is a captive audience meeting?

What is a captive audience meeting?

A compulsory meeting of employees arranged by an employer in response to a trade union organizing campaign. The purpose of the meeting is to dissuade workers from joining the union or voting in its favour in a certification or recognition ballot.

What is captive customer?

Definition of Captive Customer Buyer or user who is reluctant to substitute one product or vendor with another, because of the high cost (in terms of discomfort, effort, and/or money) involved in switching.

Which of the following happens when a union is decertified quizlet?

Which of the following happens when a union is decertified? An existing union is voted out.

What is an example of captive market?

Examples of captive-market environments include the food markets in cinemas, airports, and sports arenas, college textbooks, US cable companies, the Kosher food market in the United Kingdom, printer refills, and phone calls and food in jails and prisons. Academic publishers, such as Elsevier, operate captive markets.

What are the captive company?

A captive is an insurance company created and controlled by a business that is not an insurer for the purpose of insuring that company’s risks. It is a type of self-insurance. The few businesses that used captives created them offshore (in a foreign country) to save money.

Can I sue for being blacklisted?

If you find that you’ve been blacklisted, you may be able to sue for defamation or discrimination depending. You can file a blacklisting complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission if you think discrimination is involved.

What is the definition of captive audience meeting?

Concept of Captive Audience Meeting in Labor Law. In this context, a definition of Captive Audience Meeting is offered here: A union term for meetings of workers called by management and held on company time and property. Usually the purpose of these meetings is to try to persuade workers to vote against union representation.

How does the captive audience doctrine affect speech?

Under the captive audience doctrine, a listener’s right to privacy from unwanted speech which he or she finds offensive may in some cases trump the speaker’s freedom to express it. This doctrine allows government to regulate speech delivered to an unwilling listener who finds the message antagonistic, hurtful, offensive or profane.

When is an unwilling listener a captive audience?

U.S. courts have recognized that an unwilling listener can be considered a captive audience even in public if, while in public, the listener is harried and pursued by the messenger, making escape from the source of the communication impossible.

Who is the hero of the captive audience?

Sting took over the lead role to try to draw an audience, but his thumpingly inspirational score was already the hero of the show. The only thing that at all tended to shake this conviction, was the extraordinary poltroonery of our new captive.