What is a Band 5 rotational physiotherapist?

What is a Band 5 rotational physiotherapist?

Rotational Physiotherapist (Band 5) To prioritise, plan and deliver clinical case work within the B5 rotational areas with support and supervision of a senior therapist.

What is band 6 physio?

Job Title: Band 6 Physiotherapist. Department: Physiotherapy. Reports to: Head of Physiotherapy. Job Purpose. To be responsible for the assessment and treatment of clients with acquired brain injury under the direction of the senior Physiotherapist.

What is rotation in physiotherapy?

Ideal for a new graduate or a current band 5 Physiotherapist looking to widen their knowledge base and skill set, the rotation scheme will give you the opportunity to complete six monthly rotations, gaining experience in: – Neurology, including stroke. – Paediatrics. – Intermediate care and falls.

What is a rotational post?

A manpower post filled on a rotational basis. Within NATO, it may be confined to specified nations. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

Where can I work as a band 7 physiotherapist?

Band 7 Team Lead orthopaedic physiotherapist We are looking for a permanent Band 7 Team Lead physiotherapist to work in United Lincolnshire Hospitals. The post is based in the Trauma and Orthopaedic Team in the Pilgrim Hospital, which comprises a Band 6 physiotherapist, rotational Band 5

Is it scary to interview for band 5 physiotherapy?

Job interviews are a scary prospect, and if you have never done an interview for a band 5 physiotherapy role before, it is hard to know what to expect. We’ve had some first hand experience of this now, so thought we’d share it with you all.

Who are band 5 physiotherapists in NHS Forth Valley?

We require an enthusiastic, hard working, motivated, HCPC registered band 5 physiotherapist to join our busy rotations across NHS Forth Valley. This post… More…

What kind of job is band 6 in the NHS?

Job Title and Grade: Band 6 Physiotherapy Specialist In-patient Orthopaedics Location/Trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Nuffield Othopaedic Centre Department Covered: Physiotherapy Inpatients Pay Rates: Band 6 – Monday – Friday – 08:15-16:30 The Role: To interpret and