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What happens in chapter 26 of Mockingjay?

What happens in chapter 26 of Mockingjay?

Haymitch votes with Katniss. As Coin is leaving, Katniss gives her the rose to take to Snow. Then it’s a whirlwind sweeping Katniss and the others out to Snow’s execution. She and Snow face each other, and she’s given a weapon.

How does Katniss react to the prep team Chapter 26?

No Peeta, though, since their reunion is to be televised. Katniss goes with Cinna to be readied for the reunion. She tries her best not to be annoyed by the prep team. He tells her that her only defense is to be madly in love with Peeta.

Why did Katniss get angry at the Capitol Banquet?

Just before Katniss goes before the audience for the homecoming banquet, Haymitch gives her a hug and whispers that the Capitol is furious with her for making them look like a joke. Katniss used to believe that once she exited the arena, her life would be easy and that she would be safe.

What advice does Haymitch give to Katniss Chapter 26?

What advice does Haymitch give to Katniss? He tells her that the Capitol is angry and to just act like they did what they did because they couldn’t stand the thought of living without each other and that she is so in love.

What happens in chapter 25 of Mockingjay?

Summary: Chapter 25. Katniss recognizes the strange creatures chasing Cato as muttations, hybrid animals engineered by the Capitol. Unable to help him from the ground, she climbs to the top of the Cornucopia and fires arrows at the approaching muttations, allowing Peeta to climb up just in time to escape them.

Who is missing from the team reunion why Chapter 26?

Portia is missing from the team reunion. She is with Peeta. 6.

Why did Cinna make this dress for Katniss?

Cinna designs her dress for her speech to honor Thresh and Rue. He also gives Katniss a designed pair of gloves for Gale, who throws them back at her saying he doesn’t want anything made in the Capitol.

What does haymitch warn Katniss about?

Haymitch’s warning to Katniss is that she’s made the Capitol furious for showing them up in the arena. Katniss has made a public joke of them, and they can’t stand being laughed at.