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What happened to Thato from idols?

What happened to Thato from idols?

DESPITE being haunted by the tragic deaths of close friends and relatives, he won’t quit. Since March, Idols SA runner-up Thato Makape has lost nine people who were close to his heart. Thato from Postmasburg in Northern Cape said this had held him back and he struggled to pursue his career.

Where does Thato from idols come from?

Thato must surely hold the record for the longest traveller to an Idols SA audition! He journeyed for a staggering 1 250km from his hometown of Postmasburg (in the Northern Cape) to Cape Town.

Why did Viggy leave idols?

On Monday Mzansi Magic announced that Viggy had withdrawn from the competition after her sister Virginia did not secure enough votes to get her a spot in the top 4 and denied any “bullying” or “physical altercations”.

Who is Thato from the Queen?

Xolani Mayekiso
Xolani Mayekiso (born 1990 in QwaQwa, Free State, South Africa), actor best known as Thato in Mzansi Magic soapie drama The Queen.

Did Sneziey bully the twins?

It was reported that Sneziey made remarks that the Qwabe twins resembled men, which allegedly led to a physical altercation between the three parties. In a statement released by Mzansi Magic at the time, the channel confirmed that there were no bullying incidents that took place between Sneziey and the twins.

How did the qwabe twins leave Idols?

Police called in to Idols night fracas The Qwabe twins left the competition three weeks ago after Virginia was eliminated based on the low public votes. Her twin sister Viggy took a decision to exit the competition on the same night.

Who are the idols?

An idol is an object or image, such as a statue, that is worshipped as the representation of a deity or god. The word idol can also refer to the deity or god that is being worshipped. The worship of such an idol is sometimes called idolatry (or idol worship) and the people who do it can be called idolaters.