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What happened to Norbes?

What happened to Norbes?

The lawsuit alleges that Norbes was pushed out of the company once it engaged in their “lucrative deal” with Caffeine Inc. The “multicount lawsuit” says that the URL partners are in breach of contract and wrongfully dissolved his relationship to the company.

Who is Norbes URL?

Norbes, whose real name is Dagoberto Velez, filed a $40 million lawsuit against Ultimate Rap League LLC (URL) over the weekend, laying out his claim.

How much is Urltv?

The subscription-based App is only $7.99 a month (much in the same vein as Netflix, Tidal, Spotify and other streaming subscription platforms) and is potentially game-changing in the sense that if widely taken up by fans as expected, it may be able to provide a relatively constant stream of revenue to allow battle rap …

Who started URL?

In 1992 Tim Berners-Lee created three things, giving birth to what we consider the Internet. The HTTP protocol, HTML, and the URL.

What happened NJ Twork?

(AllHipHop News) Superstar battle rapper Nu Jerzey Twork was in a horrible car accident almost a week ago that could have cost him his life. He took to his Instagram to post a selfie from his hospital bed that showed his black and blue bruises, busted lip, shut closed eye and gauze wrapped around his bruised head.

Who is Beasley in URL?

The Ultimate Rap League (commonly referred to as SMACK/URL) is a battle rap league based out of New York City owned by acclaimed hip hop promoter Troy “Smack White” Mitchell, Eric Beasley, Street Star Norbes, and Jean “Cheeko” French from Queens, New York City, United States.

Who is the best URL battle rapper?

Loaded Lux 2)Aye Verb 3)Murda Mook 4)Hollow the Don 5)Charlie Clips 6)Arsonal 7)Dizaster 8)Hitman Holla 9)Tay Roc 10)Pat Stay 11)K-Shine 12)T-Rex 13)DNA 14)Goodz 15)John John Da Don 16)Iron Solomon 17)Conceited 18)Calicoe 19)B Magic 20)Jaz the Rapper 21)JC 22)Math Hoffa 23)E Hart 24)Chilla Jones 25)T-Top 26)Serius …

Who is NJ Twerking?

Nu Jerzey Twork (real name: Raivon Anderson) is an American battle rapper from Trenton, New Jersey. He currently has 65 battles catalogued, which total 28,367,618 views.