What happened to Netcare hems?

What happened to Netcare hems?

Thursday, 21 January 2021 Netcare this afternoon confirmed that a Netcare 911 Helicopter has crashed near Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal, tragically claiming the lives of all on board.

How did the Netcare helicopter crash?

The Netcare helicopter which crashed near Colenso on January 21, spun around, while losing height rapidly, before it started breaking up in mid-air. Moments later it crashed and hit the ground, bursting into flames, killing all the occupants on board. The helicopter was destroyed by post-impact fire…”

Who was the pilot of the helicopter crash today?

Ara Zobayan
The National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday issued 13 findings after a yearlong investigation, concluding that the pilot, Ara Zobayan, lost his bearings and made a “poor decision” to fly at excessive speeds in bad weather.

What caused the helicopter crash in KZN?

Both pilot and co-pilot were found entrapped in the aircraft and sadly were pronounced deceased on the arrival of paramedics. “It is speculated that the cause of the crash is that of a bird strike, however, the Aviation authorities will conduct the necessary investigations accordingly,” said Reenen.

Who died in the helicopter crash in Durban?

Condolences have poured in for the two men who lost their lives in a gruesome helicopter crash in Durban. Richard Morgan (31) a father of four from Hillcrest was a pilot instructor at Starlite Aviation Group. Tony Bockhart, Morgan’s cousin, described him as a great family man who loved flying.

Can a bird make a helicopter crash?

Both EASA and the FAA have observed an increased reporting of bird strike occurrences on helicopters, thereby elevating the risk of potential serious injuries or fatalities to occupants and substantial damage to rotorcraft.

Can a bird take down a plane?

The bird can hit any part of an airplane and in all cases it will be called a bird strike. When an aircraft crashes with another type of animal, like a bat, coyote or even deer, such an incident is called a wildlife strike. According to the latest reports, around 98% of wildlife strikes are bird strikes.