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What happened to John Parrott?

What happened to John Parrott?

After retiring from playing snooker, he became a snooker expert and TV personality for BBC Sport. As our current database, John Parrott is still alive (according to Wikipedia, Last update: July 7, 2020). He played bowls until he was 12, at which point he discovered snooker and his talent for it.

Why did Parrott leave snooker?

Why did John Parrott quit A Question of Sport? Parrott left A Question of Sport in 2002, telling fans of the show he had “other commitments”. The snooker champion said he had to focus on his playing career, and “something had to give”.

What happened to Ken Doherty’s face?

Doherty was nearly blinded in 2002 in a bathroom accident; after slipping, he struck an ornament, which narrowly missed his left eye. However, the distinctive scar on his right cheek dates back to his seventh birthday, when he fell off a shed roof on to a metal dustbin.

Is Stephen Hendry married?

Mandy Hendrym. 1995–2014
Stephen Hendry/Spouse

Who supports John Parrott?

He is a keen Everton fan, but also likes to see Liverpool doing well. John also makes after-dinner speaking appearances. He is heavily involved in charity work, and acts as patron of four charities – Lasers for Life, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Merseyside Family Support Unit and the McMillan Nurses.

Is John Parrott related to Duncan Ferguson?

Parrott is an Everton supporter. He is the brother-in-law of former Everton player Duncan Ferguson. In 2010, it was announced that Parrott was to be the Honorary Patron of the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA).

Does Parrott make snooker cues?

In 2008, he launched John Parrott Cue Sports, an online retailer selling snooker and pool cues and some snooker collectables. This was re-branded John Parrott Sports in 2019.

Who is Stephen Hendry girlfriend?

Lauren Thundow
Stephen Hendry/Partner