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What happened to John Britten?

What happened to John Britten?

Diagnosed with an inoperable skin cancer related illness, he died on 5 September 1995 just over a month after his forty-fifth birthday. His funeral at Christchurch Cathedral was attended by over one thousand mourners and he was widely mourned throughout New Zealand.

How many Britten V1000 were made?

John and his team of hardworking volunteers made just 10 pink and blue bikes at the Britten Motorcycle Company between 1991 and 1998. All are still in existence today, three in New Zealand and the rest scattered around the world in Europe, the United States and South Africa.

Who invented the Britten motorcycle?

Hand-crafted in a small workshop in New Zealand by engineering genius John Britten, only 10 bikes were ever built between 1991 and 1998, making the Britten one of the most desirable motorcycles on the planet. Sadly, John Britten lost his battle with cancer in 1995 so we never got to see his full engineering potential.

What is a Britten motorcycle worth?

Price now: $250,000 Following a path created in his mind to build a world-beating race bike, John Britten took his thoughts, and with every ounce of courage, determination and skill he possessed, turned them into reality with his own hands.

When was Britten born?

August 1, 1950
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How fast was the Britten bike?

303 km/h
The Britten V1000 is a handbuilt race motorcycle designed and built by John Britten and a group of friends in Christchurch, New Zealand during the early 1990s….Britten V1000.

Manufacturer Britten Motorcycle Company
Engine Water-cooled 999 cc 60 deg V-Twin quad cam 4-stroke
Top speed 303 km/h (188 mph)

Which bike is fastest in the world?

The Ninja H2R can reach up to speeds of a whopping 400 km/h. Its power to weight ratio is 1.48 hp/kg which is the highest among any production bike in the world. The Kawasaki Ninja H2R is the fastest bike in the world as no other bike comes close to this supercharged monster.

How much does a Britten V1000 cost?

ONE of the most iconic motorcycles ever made is being re-released in the form of the Britten V1000. The self-build 1:12 scale kit was originally sold ten years ago and had a price tag of around $300. Such was the success and appeal of the kit though, some examples have sold online more recently for nearly $1,000.

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