What happened to clickfree?

What happened to clickfree?

Kooboodle is no longer in service. Please note: If you are a Clickfree hard drive customer, there is no impact to your Clickfree backup. Hard drive backups will continue to work as they always have.

Will Clickfree c6 work with Windows 10?

Yes, I did, after reading in the clickfree forum that my “legacy” clickfree unit wasn’t compatible with Win 10.. It did work, in the end.

How do I view clickfree files?

From the Countdown screen: Connect Clickfree™ Backup to your computer. Click on “View Files” before the countdown timer reaches zero. The File Viewer Tool will appear on your screen.

How does click free work?

Clickfree is an easy-to-use computer backup system that automatically searches for and backs up content stored on your computer. No hardware configuration or software installation is required. The backup procedure begins once the Portable Backup Drive has been attached to your computer.

What is Clickfree backup?

Clickfree C2N Automatic Backup is an external USB drive, featuring a built-in USB cable. It automatically starts a backup after 30 seconds, backing up a wide range of file types such as music, videos, photos, Office files and your email inbox.

How do I transfer my clickfree to another computer?

Plug in the flash drive and wait for it to get detected. Now, open the flash drive and Right Click on the files that you want to transfer and select “Copy”. Now, open the folder on desktop and Right Click on an empty space in the folder and select “Paste”. Similarly, you can transfer all other files.

What is Clickfree automatic backup?

How do I automatically backup my external hard drive?

Tutorial: How to Set Up Backup Plan to Auto Back Up Files to External Hard Drive

  1. Go to Settings > System and Security > Backup and Restore (Windows 7).
  2. Click “Change settings”, select the external hard drive (“Removable Disk”) to save a backup, and click “Next”.

Is the clickfree C6 a good portable drive?

The portable drive supports USB 3.0 and is very fast. The Bad The Clickfree C6 doesn’t allow for manual recovery using Windows Explorer, nor does it feature FireWire or eSATA. The drive only works with Windows. The Bottom Line The Clickfree C6 would make an excellent portable storage and backup drive for any Windows user. Visit for details.

How to restore files from a clickfree C6?

Speaking of restoring, you can do this with the C6 by plugging the drive into a computer, waiting for its backup software to run, then clicking on Restore/Transfer. You’ll have the options to recover files to the original location or copy them to a new place. You can also choose to browse or search for particular files using the backup software.

What’s the difference between the clickfree c2n and C6?

Visit for details. The Clickfree C6 is a major upgrade to the Clickfree C2N from the same company. The new device adds the ability to back up the entire system. It also comes standard with USB 3.0 to offer a fast, robust, and complete portable backup solution.

What are the features of clickfree C6 easy imaging?

Features As on the C2N, the C6’s Clickfree Backup software categorizes data into different groups, such as Text Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Photos, and Music. This time, however, it has a new group called Windows and Programs for the operating system and software installed on the computer.