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What frequency is Rock FM on?

What frequency is Rock FM on?

97.4 MHz
Rock FM

Frequency FM: 97.4 MHz DAB: 12A
Branding Across Lancashire & the North West
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What number is Radio NZ frequency?

RNZ Frequencies (* = Community operated transmitters)

North Island Frequencies
Napier National AM 630 National FM 101.5 Concert 91.1 AM Network (Parliament) 909
New Plymouth National FM 101.2 Concert 91.6
Whanganui National AM 567 National FM 101.6 Concert 99.2
Palmerston North National AM 1449 National FM 101.0 Concert 89.0

Why can’t I get Planet Rock on my DAB radio?

You’ll need to retune your DAB digital radio to determine if you can receive the above stations. As the coverage area of the new bundle of stations will be smaller than the existing D1 commercial radio bundle, you may find you can no longer receive Planet Rock, Absolute Radio 80s and Premier Christian Radio.

Can I get Planet Rock on FM?

Some great ‘new news’ from all of us to all of you…from NOW, Planet Rock will be available on 105.2FM frequency in the West Midlands, plus you can of course still continue to enjoy Planet Rock on DAB, online, digital TV and via mobile apps, just as you always have. …

Are there any radio stations in Auckland New Zealand?

There are 28 FM radio broadcast stations in Auckland, broadcasting on 38 frequencies. MediaWorks Radio and NZME Radio are the largest FM broadcasting networks, with 9 stations on 13 frequencies and 7 stations respectively. Radio New Zealand and Chinese Voice each broadcast two FM stations, and a number of other organisations broadcast FM stations.

What is the frequency of Rock FM Nelson?

Frequencies The Rock FM Auckland: 90.2 FM Nelson: 94.4 FM Tauranga: 94.2 FM

What are the radio frequencies for RNZ music?

RNZ Frequencies (* = Community operated transmitters) 1 National AM 837 2 National FM 101.1 3 Concert 100.3

Where can I listen to the rock in New Zealand?

Listen to The Rock everywhere in the country by tuning into one of the frequencies below. Wanaka 89.8 |