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What episode does Naruto do the chunin exams?

What episode does Naruto do the chunin exams?

Naruto Shippuden – Season 18 Episode 22: The Chunin Exams Begin!

Did Naruto take the chunin exams?

Naruto took chunin exams along with Konohamaru but was disqualified as he used the sage mode which was not allowed. Thereafter he was never able to take the Chunin exams but after the 4th Great Ninja War Kakashi the Hokage promoted Naruto to a genin.

What is the answer to the chunin exam?

Here is a cheat sheet for the “Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4’s Road to Boruto” DLC Chunin Exam. On the question, what was the name of the religion that the sage of the Six Paths taught to people long ago? The answer is Ninshu.

When the Akatsuki began to cast a shadow over the world?

When the Akatsuki began to cast a shadow over the world, the Third Raikage held a meeting in the Land of Iron. What was the meeting called? When the Akatsuki declared war, the Fourth Great Ninja War began.

Who passed the first chunin exams?

At the start of Part I, Konohagakure hosts the first of the year’s two Chūnin Exams….First Stage.

Participating Team Village Outcome
Team 10 Konohagakure Passed
Team Guy Konohagakure Passed
Team Baki Sunagakure Passed
Team Dosu Otogakure Passed

Who wins chunin exams in Naruto?


Match Combatants Outcome
4 Sakura Haruno vs. Ino Yamanaka double knockout
5 Tenten vs. Temari Temari wins
6 Shikamaru Nara vs. Kin Tsuchi Shikamaru wins
7 Naruto Uzumaki vs. Kiba Inuzuka Naruto wins

What was the best fight in Naruto Chunin Exam?

The Chunin Exam arc showcased some of the best fights in Naruto. Here are all the match-ups & their winners. The Chunin Exam arc in Naruto was the first time the audience got to see the rest of Naruto’s class in action after Team 7’s time in the Land of Waves.

How to play Naruto Chunin Showdown card game?

Build your chakra and face off as one of six Naruto characters. Games Similar Naruto. Chunin Showdown Deal with pollution…. Enjoy card match…. Play How to Train Your Dragon What Dragon Class Would You Ride?

What are the trivia questions for the Naruto exam?

Naruto Chunin Exam: Trivia Quiz! . Upgrade and get a lot more done! 1. What element can counter a fire style Jutsu? 2. You and your team find a group of enemy ninja unaware of your presence what do you do? 3. Your teammates get captured what do you do? 4. What dojutsu will allow you to copy your opponent’s jutsu? 5.

What do you need to know about the Chunin Exams?

The Chūnin Selection Exams ( 中忍選抜試験, Chūnin Senbatsu Shiken) are an opportunity for genin to be promoted to chūnin. The exam structure and evaluation processes differ from one exam to the next so that genin cannot come prepared. Villages originally held their own individual exams.