What does Wife of Bath say?

What does Wife of Bath say?

Her message is that, ugly or fair, women should be obeyed in all things by their husbands. The Wife begins her tale by depicting the golden age of King Arthur as one that was both more perilous and more full of opportunity for women.

How many lines is the Wife of Bath’s tale?

I have explored Chaucer’s text in considerable depth but I have tried to avoid academic jargon. I have divided the Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale into four sections: the first 162 lines, the three old husbands, the fourth and fifth husbands, and the tale.

What does the wife of Bath look like?

With broad hips, a big butt, and a hat as big as a boat, she takes up a lot of space in the pilgrimage and in the poem as a whole. The Wife is dressed expensively in scarlet stockings and shoes of soft, new leather, and she has a penchant for fine, large headgear that Chaucer estimates weighs about ten pounds.

How does the Wife of Bath manipulate her husband?

The Wife of Bath uses her sexual power to control her husbands. The Wife of Bath is unabashedly lustful and physical. Her Prologue takes the form of a literary confession, in which she openly admits and defends her sins. The Pardoner interrupts, worried because he is about to be married.

Who is the only person that knows Midas’s secret?

Midas had beneath his long curled hair, Two ass’s ears that grew in secret there. Yes, King Midas had a secret pair of donkey ears! According to the Wife of Bath, Midas’s wife was the only person privy to his secret and had sworn herself to secrecy.

What does the old woman have in common with the Wife of Bath?

Like the Wife of Bath, the old woman is old at this point in her life. Like the Wife of Bath, she knows how to drive a hard bargain, and she exacts a high price for the life-saving knowledge she imparts to the knight.

Is the Wife of Bath religious?

He discusses how she is a talented weaver and devoted Christian who goes on pilgrimages often. This may throw off the reader into believing that she is a religious woman, but later on sees that her reason to go on these pilgrimages is not due to religion.

What is the moral of the wife of baths?

The moral of Wife of Bath is that happiness in a relationship is when a woman is able to have control over her husband against a backdrop of the submissive wives of the Middle Ages. The prologue portrays a jovial woman who introduces herself and her beliefs on marriage.

What are the character traits of the wife of Bath?

Characteristics of the Wife of Bath. The Wife of Bath is not beautiful, but forceful and energetic. Her bright clothes and elaborate head-dress (“cover chiefs”) are showy rather than elegant: her hat is as broad as a “buckler” (a buckler or small shield).

What was the wife of Bath considered to be?

The Wife of Bath is often considered an early feminist, but by reading her prologue and tale one can easily see that this is not true. In Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, the Wife of Bath believes that a wife ought to have authority and control over her husband. The Wife’s ideas were indisputably uncommon for her time period and she shocked her audience with her radical opinions, but perhaps that was her intention.

Was the wife of Bath a feminist?

Of all the narrators in Geoffrey Chaucer ‘s ” Canterbury Tales,” the Wife of Bath is the one most commonly identified as feminist — though some analysts conclude instead that she is a depiction of negative images of women as judged by her time.