What does the water lily pond painting represent?

What does the water lily pond painting represent?

These giant scale oil paintings displayed his lily pond life-sized. He said the goal was “the illusion of an endless whole, of water without horizon or bank.” In the large scale paintings Monet shows the water lilies in a new fashion. There is a key element missing from Monet’s Water Lilies; the horizon.

Where is water lilies Claude Monet?

In the final decades of his life, Monet embarked on a series of monumental compositions depicting the lush lily ponds in his gardens in Giverny, in northwestern France.

When did Claude Monet make the water lilies?

Yet Monet was plenty radical, especially in his Grande Décoration, as he referred to his wall-to-wall paintings of water lilies. He began the series in 1914, at the age of 73, setting up his easel beside his pond in Giverny and staying put as World War I flared around him.

How many times did Monet paint water lilies?

During his lifetime, Claude Monet comes back to this subject matter several times, and painted more than 250 water lilies paintings.

How much is water lilies by Claude Monet worth?

One of Claude Monet’s famous water lily paintings has sold for $43.7m (£27m) at a New York auction. A painting by Wassily Kandinsky also sold for $23m at the Christie’s auction of impressionist and modern art, setting a record for the artist.

Where did Monet paint the ‘water lilies’?

Monet painted the water lilies directly from his garden in Giverny, a small village a little bit outside of Paris. He painted those flowers as a set of different paintings.

How many water lily paintings did Monet make?

Water Lilies (Monet series) Water Lilies (or Nymphéas, French: [nɛ̃.fe.a]) is a series of approximately 250 oil paintings by French Impressionist Claude Monet (1840–1926).

Where did Monet make the water lily pond?

In 1893, Monet, a passionate horticulturist, purchased land with a pond near his property in Giverny, intending to build something “for the pleasure of the eye and also for motifs to paint.” The result was his water-lily garden. In 1899, he began a series of eighteen views of the wooden footbridge over the pond, completing twelve paintings, including the present one, that summer.

Where is waterlilies by Monet?

Water Lilies by Claude Monet is an oil on canvas (35-1/4 x 39-1/2 inches) that is housed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Across the boundless plane of his luminous pond, Claude Monet observed the ghostly images of the reflected trees and the bright lilies on the shimmering waters.