What does the tree t pee do?

What does the tree t pee do?

The Tree-T-Pee supplies water conservation through micro-sprinklers and frost protection through its cone-shaped tree guard made of recycled plastic that is positioned at the base of trees.

What episode of Shark Tank is the tree Teepee?

episode 501
Tree T Pee is the brainchild of Mr. Johnny Georges of Arcadia, Florida and he’s looking for some help in the Shark Tank in episode 501 to help his business grow.

What happened to tree t pee after shark tank?

Tree T Pee After Shark Tank Since his appearance on Shark Tank, Johnny has been working with John Paul to make presentations to big corporations. Tree T Pee sells for $9.97 at Home Depot locations in Florida with hopes of getting into a much wider market.

Is Better Life antibacterial?

BETTER LIFE® Cleaning Products are cleaners. All of our cleaners are not antibacterial, but it takes contaminated surfaces and leave it clean. Disinfecting cleaning products are registered with the EPA as pesticides and leave a toxic residue on your surfaces (those chemicals aren’t just deadly to bacteria and germs!).

What happened to BETTER LIFE after shark tank?

After Shark Tank, Better Life redesigned their packaging, got on the shelves of more big retail stores including Target and Walgreens, relaunched their e-commerce site, and introduced new products including Better Life Tub and Tile Cleaner (see link above).

Who is the owner of tree T Pee?

Prior to the appearance on Shark Tank, Tree T Pee was relatively unheard of. Few farmers used it, and those that did were mostly local to the vending area. Johnny Georges, the owner of Tree T Pee, has come to Shark Tank looking for increased funding to expand his business.

How much money does tree T Pee save?

Tree T Pee is an effective method of conserving water through the irrigation process, reducing the amount of water used per tree from 25,000 gallons annually to just 800 gallons a year. Johnny is asking for $150,000 in exchange for a 20% share of Tree T Pee.

How many likes does tree T Pee have on Facebook?

The Tree T Pee appears to be doing quite well and the company currently boasts over 36,000 likes on Facebook. It looks as though Tree T Pee is fulfilling Johnny George’s vision of doing good around America for farmers.

How much does John Paul get for tree T Pee?

John Paul starts by saying that farmers are the cornerstone of America, and some of them out there are probably willing to pay the $6 or $7 for the Tree T Pee. John Paul says he will give Johnny everything he is asking for, the full $150,000 for a 20% equity stake in Tree T Pee.