What does the term hukou reforms mean?

What does the term hukou reforms mean?

China’s Hukou system is a family registration program that serves as a domestic passport, regulating population distribution and rural-to-urban migration. The Hukou system denies farmers the same rights and benefits enjoyed by urban residents.

What is the Chinese hukou system and why was it originally developed?

Rationale. The Hukou system was originally created as a means to maintain a sense of social order, protect the rights of Chinese citizens, and “be of service to the establishment of socialism.”

Why is the hukou system bad?

Holding a non-local hukou in an urban area drastically hinders access to basic social services, such as public schooling, subsidized medical care, and unemployment insurance. In a country with widespread negative stereotypes about the rural poor, the hukou system only exacerbates the rural-urban divide.

Why does China plan to revamp the household registration system hukou?

To speed up “full integration” of rural residents into cities, China plans to loosen residency restrictions in most urban areas and launch a points system to replace the household registration system, or hukou, according to a draft of the government’s 14th five-year plan.

Does the hukou system still exist?

The surprise is that the hukou system still exists today despite the stunning changes that have taken place in China over the past few decades. Some migratory controls were lifted in the late 1970s, in response to a demand for cheap labor in urban factories, but the basic structure remains intact.

Can foreigners get a hukou?

You Can Get Green Card, You Kid Can Get Hukou Your kids, as Chinese citizens, can attend public schools. However, if you have a Chinese green card, they are considered as having hukou in the city in which you live. Some might look at the issue of visa from a different perspective.

Does China still use the hukou system?

Hukou (Chinese: 户口; lit. ‘household individual’) is a system of household registration used in mainland China. The system itself is more properly called “huji” (Chinese: 户籍; lit….

Simplified Chinese 户口
Traditional Chinese 戶口
Alternative Chinese name

Why does the hukou system still exist?

How many children left behind in China?

70 million left-behind children
There are about 70 million left-behind children in China, and they experience many effects of poverty.