What does the mirror symbolize in Arnolfini wedding?

What does the mirror symbolize in Arnolfini wedding?

The wooden frame holding the mirror is decorated with glass panels depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ and could represent a promise of salvation to the couple. A single candle in the chandelier could stand for the unity of the couple and at the same time could be symbolic of the all-seeing eye of God.

What is the purpose of Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife?

“The Arnolfini Marriage” is a name that has been given to this untitled double portrait by Jan van Eyck, now in the National Gallery, London. It is one of the greatest celebrations of human mutuality. Like Rembrandt’s “Jewish Bride”, this painting reveals to us the inner meaning of a true marriage.

Who is in the mirror in the Arnolfini Portrait?

Van Eyck
. On the back wall of the room is a convex mirror which shows a reflection of two people, one of whom is very likely Van Eyck. The mirror itself is thought to suggest the eye of God observing the scene.

What is the traditional interpretation of the work known as Arnolfini and a bride?

The subject of the Arnolfini Portrait (Figure 1) is domestic: a man and a woman hold hands in an interior setting, with a window behind him and a bed behind her in natural symbolism of fifteenth century marital roles – while husbands went out to engage in business, wives concerned themselves with domestic duties.

Is Jan van Eyck in the mirror?

The view in the mirror shows two figures just inside the door that the couple are facing. The painting is signed, inscribed and dated on the wall above the mirror: “Johannes de eyck fuit hic 1434” (“Jan van Eyck was here 1434”).

Who was Giovanni Arnolfini’s wife?

Giovanna (Jeanne) Cenami
Giovanni de Arrigo Arnolfini married, and was survived by, Giovanna (Jeanne) Cenami, and they were the couple thought to be the shown in the Arnolfini Portrait from 1861 until 1994, when a French naval historian, Jacques Paviot, discovered in the Ducal accounts that the Duke had in 1447 presented two silver pots to ” …

Who painted Giovanni Arnolfini’s bride?

Jan van Eyck
Arnolfini Portrait/Artists

Where was the portrait of Arnolfini and his wife made?

It forms a full-length double portrait, believed to depict the Italian merchant Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife, presumably in their residence at the Flemish city of Bruges .

When did Jan van Eyck paint the Arnolfini Wedding?

In 1434, about a year after the altarpiece’s completion, Van Eyck began working on The Arnolfini Portrait, also called The Arnolfini Wedding. It depicts a wealthy merchant—presumed to be Giovanni di Nicolau di Arnolfini—and his wife in a lavishly decorated room which showcases their opulent wealth.

Who is Giovanni di Nicolao di Arnolfini?

They are probably Giovanni di Nicolao di Arnolfini, an Italian merchant working in Bruges, and his wife. Although the room is totally plausible – as if Jan van Eyck had simply removed a wall – close examination reveals inconsistencies: there’s not enough space for the chandelier, and no sign of a fireplace.

Who are the members of the Arnolfini family?

The Arnolfini were an extensive family of Italian merchants, with various members in Bruges at this period. The most likely candidate is Giovanni di Nicolao di Arnolfini, known as Giannino or Jehannin, who would have been in his late thirties in 1434.