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What does Stelarc do?

What does Stelarc do?

From implanting a third ear on his arm to connecting his senses to the internet, Stelarc is an artist known for extreme performances that take the human body to the limit and blur the lines between technology and ourselves.

When did stelarc move to Australia?

Born Stelios Arcadiou in Cyprus, Stelarc came to Australia as a child in 1950.

How does Stelarc use technology?

Stelarc uses technology as well as his body, as means to examine ideas around the obsolesence of the human body, its limitations, and its capabilities. In this sense, his three most cutting-edge projects are the Suspensions, Third Hand performances and Ear On Arm. This enabled individual control of his three hands.

How old is stelarc?

75 years (June 19, 1946)

Where did stelarc go to school?

Stelarc moved to Australia, where he studied Arts and Craft at T.S.T.C., Art and Technology at CAUTECH and M.R.I.T., Melbourne University. He taught Art and Sociology at Yokohama International School and Sculpture and Drawing at Ballarat University College.

Where is stelarc?

Limassol, Cyprus
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What did stelarc study?

Stelarc is an Australian performance artist, born in Limassol, island of Cyprus. Stelarc moved to Australia, where he studied Arts and Craft at T.S.T.C., Art and Technology at CAUTECH and M.R.I.T., Melbourne University.

What are the 4 basic elements of performance art?

It can be any situation that involves four basic elements: time, space, the performer’s body, or presence in a medium, and a relationship between performer and audience. Performance art can happen anywhere, in any type of venue or setting and for any length of time.

What skills do you need for performing arts?

7 skills you need to succeed in performing arts

  • Confidence.
  • The ability to network and market yourself.
  • Resilience, self-discipline and stamina.
  • An analytical mind and the ability to self-reflect.
  • Flexibility.
  • Teamwork.
  • Organisation and time management.

What does Stelarc mean by the obsolete body?

Stelarc’s work deals heavily with “the obsolete body”. The artist does not however suggest that the body is obsolete in the sense that it can be discarded entirely. He instead suggests that humans as a species have created a new technological environment in which we cannot operate effectively as living organisms.

What kind of art does Stelarc do with his body?

For more than four decades, he’s used his body as a canvas for art on the very edge of human experience. He talks with Wired about artists as early warning systems, growing a second skin and the future of his “Ear on Arm” project, in which a partly surgically constructed, partly cell-grown third ear has taken root on his forearm.

Which is an example of a Stelarc interface?

One particularly striking example of a Stelarc interface was the work Ping Body, in which he wired himself to the internet – quite literally – by attaching electrodes to various muscles, which could then be activated by remote users. >”Today I might decide to see with the eyes of someone in London, hear with the ears of someone in Montreal.”

When did Stelarc do the ear on arm?

The “Ear on Arm,” which garnered the top prize at Ars Electronica in 2010 in the Hybrid Art category, has been one of the longest-running sagas of Stelarc’s career. It took 10 years to track down three intrepid surgeons willing to embark on the wildly experimental project, which began in 2006.