What does R20 mean in real estate?

What does R20 mean in real estate?

R-20 requires 20 000 sq ft to be available to qualify for the building permit for a detached one-family house. It is possible to get allowances for variances by appealing to zoning boards but your best bet is to acquire a lot which is sufficient for your purposes.

Can I subdivide R20?

So when we’re looking at for instance R20, which is the most common R-Code throughout WA, you’ll see that in order to subdivide you need to have an average of 450sqms. That’s the first criteria that you need to ensure that you meet. So if you’re looking at a duplex that’s two lots and they need to both average 450.

What zone can be subdivided?

The Residential Growth Zone is a zone where growth is encouraged. Meaning you have the ability to subdivide your block into smaller lots.

What size block can I subdivide?

Blocks must be at least 400 square metres, or the minimum lot size according to council, whichever is greater. Blocks must be at least 12 metres wide. For dual occupancies where one dwelling is located above another, the block must be at least 15 metres wide.

What is Rs zoning?

The RS single-family residential zones are intended to reserve appropriate areas for low density residential living at a broad range of densities consistent with the Puyallup Comprehensive Plan. They further intend to protect the public health, safety and general welfare by ensuring adequate access to light, air,…

What is are zoning?

RESIDENTIAL ZONES R-R Zone (Rural Residential). This zone is intended to provide for large lot rural homesites within or adjacent to existing Rural Communities. Lots will general have sufficient area to allow for individual water supply, sewage disposal, and storm water drainage, but not to support significant commercial agriculture.

What is zoning code R?

Zoning is a classification of land use that divides property into various land uses. Numbering is used to distinguish between intensity of uses within each land use category. “R” means Residential – “1” means single-family “2” means a duplex may be allowed if there is adequate lot area.