What does Phaneuf mean?

What does Phaneuf mean?

Phaneuf is a French-Canadian surname, gallicized from the English surname Farnworth.

What does the name Petta mean?

most probably of Albanian origin, from petë ‘dented’, ‘battered’. possibly from a pet form of a female personal name such as Filippa, Jacopa, etc. from the Germanic personal name Peta, Patta.

What does the name Felici mean?

The surname Felici is a patronymic surname, created from the father’s given name. The name Felici came from the Latin word “felix,” which means “happy.”

What nationality is the name Phaneuf?

Phaneuf is a French-Canadian surname, gallicized from the English surname Farnworth.

What is PETA short for?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 6.5 million members and supporters.

Is PETA a woman’s name?

Peta as a girl’s name is of Spanish and Greek origin, and the meaning of Peta is “rock”. Peta is a variant of the Spanish name Pepita and the Greek name Petra.

What kind of name is Felice?

Italian: from the personal name Felice, from the Roman family name Felix (Latin felix, genitive felicis ‘lucky’, ‘fortunate’). English: variant of Felix.

Where does the last name Phaneuf come from?

The most Phaneuf families were found in Canada in 1911. In 1880 there were 23 Phaneuf families living in Connecticut. This was about 40% of all the recorded Phaneuf’s in the USA. Connecticut had the highest population of Phaneuf families in 1880. Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Phaneuf surname lived.

Where did the Phaneuf family live in the 1700s?

One of these children was Mathias (III) who was born in Groton, Conn. on 6 August 1690. In 1700, the family lived near Deerfield, Massachusetts. It was here, on 11 August, that Mathias (III) was captured during one of the many raids waged by the Canadians and Indians against the English villages.

Who was the godfather of the Phaneuf family?

On 10 January 1706, he was baptized. His godfather was CLAUDE DE RAMEZAY, then governor of Montreal, and his godmother was ELISABETH SOUART, wife of CHARLES LEMOYNE of Longueuil. Mathias took his godfather’s name as his baptismal name. The family name underwent its first transformation: Farnsworth became Farneth.

How old was Catherine Charpentier Phaneuf when she died?

Catherine Charpentier Phaneuf died on the night of 29 June 1777 and was buried the next day – she was 88 years old. The Phaneuf family quickly spread out along the Richelieu River.