What does love will prevail mean?

What does love will prevail mean?

1 tr to have a great attachment to and affection for. 2 tr to have passionate desire, longing, and feelings for. 3 tr to like or desire (to do something) very much.

What does prevail mean in relationships?

Prevail means to successfully persuade someone of something. If you were a Presidential advisor and you convinced him to make a National Day of Pet Appreciation, then you prevailed upon him to recognize pets. Prevail can be used for different kinds of success. If you prevail upon someone, you have influence on them.

What does you will prevail mean?

1 : to gain ascendancy through strength or superiority : triumph. 2 : to be or become effective or effectual. 3 : to use persuasion successfully prevailed on him to sing.

What does good will prevail mean?

n. 1 a feeling of benevolence, approval, and kindly interest. 2 modifier resulting from, showing, or designed to show goodwill. the government sent a goodwill mission to Moscow. 3 willingness or acquiescence.

What does truth will prevail mean?

“Truth prevails” (Czech: Pravda vítězí, Slovak: Pravda víťazí, Latin: Veritas vincit) is the national motto of the Czech Republic. The motto is believed to be derived from Jan Hus’ phrase “Seek the truth, hear the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, speak the truth, hold the truth and defend the truth until death”.

How do you use the word prevail in a sentence?

Prevail in a Sentence ?

  1. Even though our troops are tired and hungry, we will prevail against the enemy!
  2. Let us hope justice will prevail so the killer will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  3. If logical minds do not prevail, a major war will break out between the two largest gangs in the city.

What is prevail in law?

To obtain the relief sought in an action or suit or to win a law suit. For example, Plaintiff prevailed in the Supreme Court. To be in force, use or effect. For example, a custom that still prevails.

How do you use the word prevail?

to be or prove superior in strength, power, or influence (usually followed by over): They prevailed over their enemies in the battle. to succeed; become dominant; win out: to wish that the right side might prevail. to use persuasion or inducement successfully: He prevailed upon us to accompany him.

What does with no prevail mean?

: without success They tried to discuss the issue calmly, but to no avail.

How do you use prevail?

What does the word prevail mean in the Bible?

“Prevail” is a definitely a positive word. It implies success or triumph. It means victory, to reign, to conquer, to win in the end. God’s plan is a plan of happiness. …

What does the word prevail mean biblically?

Which is the best definition of the word’prevail’?

1. verb. If a proposal, principle, or opinion prevails, it gains influence or is accepted, often after a struggle or argument. We hope that common sense would prevail. [VERB] Rick still believes that justice will prevail. [VERB] Political and personal ambitions are starting to prevail over economic interests.

What does prevail mean in a battle of wills?

The point is that if the club layout is as in the above diagram then the defence will prevail anyway. At this stage pragmatism will prevail. In a battle of wills, cats prevail. If the striking rail unions prevail, they will be encouraged in opposing other measures that reduce costs. Their will must not prevail. She will fight and prevail.

What is the meaning of intr.v.pre-Vail?

intr.v. pre·vailed, pre·vail·ing, pre·vails 1. To be greater in strength or influence; triumph: The home team prevailed against the visitors. Shouldn’t the public interest prevail over an individual’s?

Which is side of the leader will prevail?

Russia waits to see which side of its leader’s character will prevail. Yesterday, a more positive attitude prevailed as he detailed procedural reforms. That argument would normally prevail. If a proposal, principle, or opinion prevails, it gains influence or is accepted, often after a struggle or argument.