What does it mean to reimpose?

What does it mean to reimpose?

transitive verb. : to impose (something) again Months would pass, and one police officer would die, before Canadian soldiers reimposed order.—

Which is the closest synonym for the word impose?

synonyms for impose

  • appoint.
  • foist.
  • force.
  • institute.
  • introduce.
  • levy.
  • order.
  • require.

What does reimpose mean in law?

verb (tr) to establish previously imposed laws, controls, etc, again.

What is the another way to say retried?

What is another word for retry?

re-attempt redo
reiterate repeat
take another stab try again
attempt again rerun

What means nosedive?

1 : a downward nose-first plunge of a flying object (such as an airplane) 2 : a sudden extreme drop stock prices took a nosedive. Other Words from nosedive Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About nosedive.

What is the definition of reinstitute?

transitive verb. : to institute (something) again … in 1976, the year the Supreme Court reinstituted capital punishment.— John Cloud President Carter reinstituted draft registration in 1980 after a seven-year hiatus.—

What is the antonym impose?

impose. Antonyms: remove, disburden. Synonyms: lay, inflict, fix, set, place, enjoin.

What does bring back mean?

1 : to come back with (something or someone) What did you bring back (with you) from your vacation? Bring your roommate back with you when you come home for the holidays. You promised to bring me back a present.

Is Retryable a word?

The meaning I intend is, “an action which is capable of being tried again.” Example usage: “A database operation is retriable/retryable if it is idempotent.”

Is re attempt a word?

noun. A second or subsequent attempt. ‘The FCF deck called for a reattempt to light off the engine with the starter.

Why is nosedive called nosedive?

Later, Brooker wrote either a three or four page outline for the episode, wanting it to be “comedic, darkly”. This version took inspiration from 1987 film Planes, Trains and Automobiles, in which the character is on a journey—for “Nosedive”, this was initially a character travelling to an important work presentation.

What is another word for impose?

enforce, impose(verb) compel to behave in a certain way. “Social relations impose courtesy”. Synonyms: implement, bring down, visit, levy, inflict, apply, enforce. inflict, bring down, visit, impose(verb) impose something unpleasant.

What is another word for imposes on?

Synonyms for imposed. appoint. charge. demand. enforce. establish. foist. force. inflict.

What is the adjective for imposing?

The act of imposing, laying on, affixing, enjoining, inflicting, obtruding, and the like. That which is imposed, levied, or enjoined. An excessive, arbitrary, or unlawful exaction; hence, a trick or deception put or laid on others.

What is another word for imposed on?

Synonyms for impose. levy. imponer. enforce. hacer cumplir. implement. implementar. institute. establecer.