What does GuideStar silver mean?

What does GuideStar silver mean?

Silver Seal of Transparency
Silver tells donors about your work to guide their funding decisions. The Silver Seal of Transparency focuses on your program and brand data. To earn the Silver Seal, you must also complete the Bronze Seal requirements.

What does it mean to be platinum on GuideStar?

Seals of Transparency
The GuideStar Seals of Transparency The levels are: Bronze—basic information so your organization can be found. Gold—financials and people information. Platinum—goals and the difference you’re making.

What does a Bronze rating on GuideStar mean?

Basic Information
Bronze (Basic Information): Only basic level information is required. The basic information includes the nonprofit’s address, the name and email of an employee contact, mission statement, geographic area served, and the names of the organization’s leader and board chair.

What are GuideStar ratings?

Does Your GuideStar Rating Matter?

  • Bronze: Basic Information.
  • Silver: Financial Information.
  • Gold: Goals and Strategy.
  • Platinum: Progress and Results.

Is GuideStar legit?

Like Charity Navigator, GuideStar helps givers find effective charities. Unlike Charity Navigator, GuideStar does not provide a proprietary rating system. It does offer financial information and other organization details, and for registered members, access to IRS documents and other forms.

What is the benefit of GuideStar?

Research links earning a GuideStar Seal of Transparency to a 53% increase in contributions for nonprofits. Seals give funders insights into your organization, enabling educated grant giving decisions. It’s easy and free to earn Seals—get started today.

Are churches listed on GuideStar?

We automatically create profiles for 501(c)3 organizations who have filed as tax-exempt with the IRS, however, if you are a church or a religious organization, a government entity, or a nonprofit under a group exemption we are still able to list you on GuideStar–Click here to learn what’s required.

What is the difference between GuideStar and Charity Navigator?

GuideStar is the largest source of nonprofit information and has collected results information from more than 13,000 nonprofits. Charity Navigator is the largest independent evaluator and rater of nonprofits, analyzing 9,000 organizations.

Which is better GuideStar or Charity Navigator?

How do I know if a donation is legit?

The FTC strongly recommends checking with organizations such as the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, CharityWatch, or GuideStar which will help you get a better picture of how much of the charity’s donations go towards expenses and overhead.

Why is my nonprofit not listed on GuideStar?

GuideStar automatically lists all 501(c) nonprofits registered with the federal IRS. However, if your organization has only recently received tax-exempt status from the IRS, it may not be listed on GuideStar yet. If that is the case, then we will need verifying documents to manually create the profile*.