What does Gash mean in Scotland?

What does Gash mean in Scotland?

Definition of gash (Entry 3 of 3) 1 chiefly Scotland : knowing, witty. 2 chiefly Scotland : well-dressed : trim.

Where does the term Gash come from?

1540s, alteration of Middle English garce “a gash, cut, wound, incision” (early 13c.), from Old North French garser “to scarify, cut, slash” (Old French *garse), apparently from Vulgar Latin *charassare, from Greek kharassein “engrave, sharpen, carve, cut,” from PIE *gher- (4) “to scrape, scratch” (see character).

What is a nasty gash?

noun. /ɡæʃ/ /ɡæʃ/ ​gash (in/on something) a long deep cut in the surface of something, especially a person’s skin. He needed an operation to close a nasty gash in his arm.

What is a girls Cuchi?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Coochee, coochie or coochi is a term often used as a cute or slang word for a vagina.

What does Fanny mean in Glasgow?

FANNY Toosh is Scots for a woman who has ideas above her station; a lady who thinks too much of herself. Fanny Toosh is thought to be an elongated version of fantoosh, an adjective for someone considered flashy or showing off. Fanny Toosh probably evolved as a way of making the phrase a bit more anthropomorphic.

What is gash short for?


Acronym Definition
GASH Group Admin Shell (Unix)
GASH Gloucestershire Association of Secondary Headteachers (UK)
GASH Gay Aryan Skinhead

What is a antonym for Gash?

Opposite of a long, deep cut or wound. closing. closure. solid.

Can a gash heal itself?

Once you’re sure the cut is clean and the bleeding has stopped, wrap a dressing around it and make sure it’s secure. For more information about cleaning cuts and grazes, see How do I clean a wound? The cut should heal by itself within a few days.

What does Poochie mean?

noun. (also poochy) informal US. A pet name for a dog; a dog.

What does Coochie grip mean?

DEEP DIVE. Gorilla grip is a phrase used to describe the degree of tightness of a woman’s vaginal walls. It is likened to the firm grasp of a gorilla’s hand. The full phrase is “gorilla grip coochie.” When used in slang and music, the phrase often refers to the desirability of a woman implying the tighter the better.