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What does CGI stand for in Mercedes cars?

What does CGI stand for in Mercedes cars?

charged gasoline injection
Externally, it’s denoted by the CGI badging — it stands for ‘charged gasoline injection’. Both cars have the same 1796 cc direct-injected four. In base C200 CGI form, it works up the same 135kW as the supercharged C200K it supersedes.

Does Mercedes Benz C200 Elegance 2010 CGI have a turbo charge?

It’s a four-cylinder power plant that uses a turbocharger, rendering a power output characteristic of a vehicle with a slightly larger engine capacity. The engine produces 135kW and 270 Nm of torque and Mercedes claim that it will manage the 0-100km/h sprint in 8.2 seconds.

What is the difference between Mercedes Kompressor and CGI?

AFAIK: ‘K’ is for Kompressor i.e. supercharger. CGI has the newer turbocharger after MB abandoned the supercharger on some of the smaller petrol engines in order to achieve more power from less capacity and thus reduced emissions.

What is a CGI car?

The Blackbird is a mobile camera rig designed to morph into any car in the world. At the push of a button the fully adjustable chassis can modify its length by 4 feet and width by 10 inches. The car rig’s name is a nod to this legacy of stealth design. …

Which is better C200 or C250?

Between the C200 and C250, engine size is the same but C250 runs at twice the boost pressure of C200 so it’s more powerful. C250 feels like there’s a constant wave of torque whereas the C200 feels a lot smoother and refined as it cruises up to 200 km/h.

What is CDI and CGI?

CGI is petrol (gasoline); CDI is diesel.

What are the specs of a Mercedes C 200 CGI?

Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Mercedes-Benz C 200 CGI BlueEfficiency automatic (aut.

What kind of engine does the Mercedes C200 have?

The entry supercharged Kompressor engine has been replaced by a new turbocharged direct injection four cylinder in the C200 and gains the CGI tag, which means Charged Gasoline Injection. The replacement direct-injection 1.8-litre turbo four develops the same power but more torque, better economy and fewer emissions.

What’s the price of a new Mercedes C200?

A driver’s side knee airbag brings the airbag count to nine, while the Avantgarde-style grille, new 17-inch alloys, split-fold rear seats, new alloys and front cupholders have been added to the C200. A new four-cylinder model, the $65,900 C250 CGI, joins the lineup, bringing to 10 the number of sedan and wagon models available.

Is the Mercedes C200 CDI a good car?

Apart from the engines, the visual tweaks to the front are welcome and the cabin remains handsome – if a little bland because of the over-emphasis of black or grey around the interior. Mercedes has begrudgingly added more gear but metallic paint is still optional, real leather is extra on the C200 and C220 CDI and dealer delivery can be very steep.