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What does a ship do in Endless Space?

What does a ship do in Endless Space?

Ships are the mobile elements of Endless Space which are the building blocks of fleets, which can engage in combat. A ship is one of six classes, and can be equipped with weapons, defense modules, support modules, and special modules according to their tonnage weights.

How big is an endless pool swim spa?

The 15′ long E500 provides dedicated space where you can incorporate your wellness goals into your daily routine. Simultaneously, this versatile “swim spa” offers a go-to destination for active family fun.

How does fleet work in Endless Space 2?

Fleets have the same number of movement points as the lowest Ship in the Fleet. The number of ships in a fleet is limited to the Empire’s max Command Points, which can be increased by technologies in the Military tree. Small ships require only 1 command point, but larger and more powerful ships will require more.

What are the logistical properties of Endless Space?

When a ship’s is reduced to zero in combat, it explodes. Logistical properties include command points , which affect the amount of ships in a fleet, and tonnage , which affects the amount of modules that can be loaded onto it. Each Faction in Endless Space has 6 Ship Classes, mainly increasing in capacity, cost, and cost.

Who are the harmony in Endless Space disharmony?

The Harmony is a playable faction in Endless Space: Disharmony, the first expansion pack for Endless Space. They are conscious crystalline entities who seek to eradicate Dust, which they view as a corrupting plague, from the galaxy in order to resume their search for the universe’s “Core”.

How much space does a dreadnought take in disharmony?

In Disharmony there are many changes to ship design. Many support modules now weight in percentage of the ship tonnage. This makes some modules non-attractive, e.g. Engine or Power both take 20% of space. On basic Dreadnought that means 80 space, or about 10 weapons less for each module.