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What does a lysimeter measure?

What does a lysimeter measure?

A weighing lysimeter provides a direct measure of the amount of water used in evaporation and transpiration by isolating and continuously monitoring a vegetated area in a field. Lysimeters of many different designs, sizes, shapes, and measurement systems have been built over the years[8].

What is the role of lysimeter in measuring evapotranspiration of crops?

A lysimeter is a measuring device which can be used to measure the actual evapotranspiration which is released by plants. By recording the amount of precipitation that an area receives and the amount lost through the soil, the amount of water lost to evapotranspiration can be calculated.

What do you need to know about the lysimeter?

The lysimeter, measuring potential evapotranspiration, is an apparatus which can be constructed from readily available do-it-yourself (DIY) materials for less than £30 ($45). If you like a hands-on approach and like making things then read on, this is for you. Potential evapotranspiration

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How do you build a lysimeter from a tank?

Check over the brass connectors, note that compression joints contain a brass sleeve. Try fitting them loosely together to gain familiarity with assembly. Assemble the tank first. Cut the hole in the bottom (use smallest cutter which will allow entry of the tank connector).