What do you mean by plugging?

What do you mean by plugging?

to stop up or secure (a hole, gap, etc) with or as if with a plug. 15. ( transitive) to insert or use (something) as a plug. to plug a finger into one’s ear.

Where did the phrase plugging along come from?

To work steadily away at something; to persevere doggedly; to plod, to move steadily. Freq. with away, along, etc.” The OED gives examples from 1867 forward, but only in 1900 goes it find an example exactly like what you have in mind.

What does keep plugging mean?

: to continue doing something even though it is difficult or boring —often + at She kept plugging away at her homework.

What is the meaning of Pluged?

1. To fill (a hole) tightly with or as if with a plug; stop up. 2.

Where is the plugging of gullies done?

A check dam (or also called gully plug) is a small, temporary or permanent dam constructed across a drainage ditch, swale, or channel to lower the speed of concentrated flows for a certain design range of storm events and to conserve soil moisture.

What does plugging mean on a forklift?

regenerative braking
What is forklift plugging? Plugging, also called regenerative braking, regen or switch-back, occurs when an operator traveling in one direction uses the directional selector to switch to the opposite direction.

Is it plugging along or chugging along?

plug along 1. To continue making progress (in some endeavor) at steady, consistent pace, especially in the face of difficulties, challenges, setbacks, etc.

What does chugging along mean?

1. to continue doing something or developing in the same way as before, but very slowly and steadily. The economy is chugging along nicely, there are plenty of jobs, businesses are growing, and prices aren’t out of control.

What does plucking away mean?

to pull away, or to separate by pulling; to tear away.

What does to pull a plug mean?

DEFINITIONS1. to stop an activity, especially by no longer providing the money needed to allow it to continue. The Arts Council had pulled the plug on the scheme. Synonyms and related words. To stop something from continuing or developing.

What does plug mean in rap songs?

to engage in sexual intercourse
plug: to engage in sexual intercourse.

What is meant by plugging of gullies?

Ayush Gupta answered this. Dear Student, Plugging gullies means building temporary dams or planting tress to check fast flowing water or to prevent flood. It helps in checking soil erosion.

Is there such thing as’plugging along’?

and some societies such as Dialog steadily plugging along since the earliest days. On the whole, the exercises do seem to be geared toward the reader’s own enlightenment, which could be just the motivation one needs to keep plugging along. There’s always going to be something and you just keep plugging along.

Who are the plugging along characters in Harry Potter?

Rowling’s instinctive sense of storytelling and her ability to make the reader sympathize with Strike and Robin, two middle-class strivers plugging along in a status and increasingly money-conscious London.” MICHIKO KAKUTANI

Which is the best definition of the Word plug?

1. noun, informal A favorable public mention or advertisement for something, as during a broadcast or interview. I’d be happy to come on your morning radio show, so long as you’re willing to give my new memoir a plug on the air.

What does Brunelle mean by plugging along?

Brunelle said there have been lots of issues to be dealt with in preparing for the renovations, but he and the other investors are plugging along and hope the people in the local area who want to see some action at the site will get their wish very soon.