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What do you get with a Cervelo P series?

What do you get with a Cervelo P series?

“One of the things we like with Cervelo’s strategy with the P-Series is that you get a true race-ready bike. Items like a bento box, downtube bottle (borrowed from the P5), and rear seat hydration mount are all included. Industry-leading aero bike for TT and triathlon.

Do you follow the instructions in a Cervelo manual?

In the case of a conflict between the instructions in our manuals and information provided by a component manufacturer, always follow the component manufacturer’s instructions. These manuals are not intended as comprehensive use, service, repair or maintenance manuals.

Which is better Cervelo P5 or P5?

Collapsing the assumption that narrow is aero, the new P-Series leverages all that we learned during the legendary P5 development, to deliver a platform that is not only stiffer and lighter than its predecessor, but also boasts lower drag. It climbs better, corners naturally, and is faster in every application.

What is the extended seat tube cutout on a Cervelo?

Our Extended Seat Tube Cutout is a close fitting curve in the seat tube, which shields the leading edge of the rear wheel to significantly improve aerodynamic performance. Modular Storage incorporates custom Cervélo parts and approved aftermarket accessories to allow full customization of your storage needs.

How did Cervelo come up with time trial bicycle?

“By studying the way that athletes use their equipment and spending countless hours in the wind tunnel, Cervelo has struck the perfect balance of comfort, integration, and aerodynamics.

What does lay up do on a Cervelo bike?

It enables a secure and aerodynamic solution tailored specifically to your needs and your Cervélo bike. A combination of material, shape, and lay up are used to engineer the desired stiffness of different parts of the frame.