What do spotted leopard geckos need?

What do spotted leopard geckos need?

Leopard Gecko Diet and Feeding Guide They like to eat mealworms, crickets, superworms, wax worms, phoenix worms, small hornworms and Dubia roaches. Hatchling and juvenile leopard geckos will require insects that are smaller than the width of their head and should be fed every other day.

Do spotted geckos need heat?

Lighting for Leopard Geckos. Leopard gecko lighting at night should be different from lighting in the day. Geckos only need heat at night, but during the day they need both lighting and heat. This can be achieved with a mix-and-match combination of several different lighting and heat lamp combinations.

Is toilet paper safe for leopard geckos?

Having something like toilet paper or paper towels in the corner are perfectly fine, I do it all the time because it is easy to clean. The tubes would be safe as long as they can fit all the way through it.

Should I turn my geckos heat mat off at night?

You leave the heat mat on all the time. The thermostat will adjust the heat as necessary. I would go with the under tank heater. Geckos don’t actually require UV lighting.

What is the best flooring for leopard geckos?

9 Best Leopard Gecko Substrates

  • DIY Blended Substrate.
  • Reptile Sand Mat.
  • Stone Tiles.
  • Clay.
  • Reptile Carpet.
  • Newspaper or Paper Towel.
  • Lino. Linoleum is a mat-like flooring that looks like stone or hardwood.
  • Shelf Liner. Shelf Liner may seem like a surprising substrate, but it can be used.

What do you put on the bottom of a leopard gecko cage?

Safe substrate that you can use in your Leopard Gecko’s enclosure includes artificial turf, paper toweling, and newspaper. Many people use sand as well, but there have been some instances of problems, including ingestion of the sand and sand in stools.

What does it take to take care of a leopard gecko?

To care for your leopard gecko, start by filling its water dish every day with clean bottled water and keeping it on the cooler side of its tank. Then, feed the gecko 8 crickets every few days, or daily if it’s a young gecko.

Is it hard to take care of a leopard gecko?

While leopard geckos are easy to take care of, they can also be prone to health problems. One of the conditions that can be a burden is metabolic bone disease, which is an outcome of not having enough calcium and Vitamin D3 in their diet.

What is everything I need for a leopard gecko?

Power strip with programmable digital timer Substrate Sphagnum moss Leopard gecko decor kit Food dish Water dish Calcium supplement (no vitamin D) Multivitamin powder Kitchen scale Live feeder insects. Keep in mind that everything should be purchased and set up BEFORE you get the gecko.

Do leopard geckos need a vet?

While your gecko is submerged you should gently massage its belly. If that doesn’t help your gecko pass their stool and urates you should take your gecko to a vet. Your vet may need to administer an enema to your leopard gecko or they may discover it has intestinal parasites or needs other medical attention.