What channel is South Carolina ETV?

What channel is South Carolina ETV?

The SC Channel is currently broadcast on: WRLK-DT (digital channel 35-2) in Columbia. WNTV-DT (digital channel 29-2) in Greenville. WITV-DT (digital channel 7-2) in Charleston.

How do I watch Scetv?

Currently, SCETV Passport can be accessed on, the PBS apps on smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Android Smart TV.

What channel is ETV world?

ETV World is currently broadcast on: WNTV-DT (digital channel 29-3) in Greenville. WITV-DT (digital channel 7-3) in Charleston.

What are the channels in South Carolina?

Charleston, South Carolina – Television Stations

  • WCBD – NBC – Channel 2.
  • WCIV – ABC – Channel 4.
  • WCLN – Christian Television Network – Channel 18 – Summerville.
  • WCSC – CBS – Channel 5.
  • WITV – ETV – Channel 7.
  • WMMP – myNetworkTV – Channel 36.
  • WTAT – FOX – Channel 24.

What channel is PBS in SC?

South Carolina Educational Television

statewide South Carolina United States
Channels Digital: see table below
Branding SCETV
Affiliations .1: PBS (1970–present) .2: Create/SC Channel .3: ETV World .4: SCETV PBS Kids

What channel is PBS on Dish Network in South Carolina?

DISH Network Greenville Local Channels – Greenville, SC

Station Local Channel Number DISH Channel Number

How do I get a PBS activation code?

Try requesting an activation email with our Passport Lookup Tool. Some PBS stations may instead send you a link that already includes the code. If you haven’t received an activation code or activation link from your station following your donation, your PBS station may still be processing your donation.

Is the SCETV app free?

Your favorite television and radio programs, anywhere, anytime. The SCETV app is free and available on any iOS or Android device.

What Channel Is CBS on regular TV in South Carolina?

Stations for Charleston, South Carolina

Display Channel Digital Channel Network
05-1 19.3 CBS
05-2 19.4 Bounce TV
05-3 19.5 Circle

What channel is ABC in SC?

Channel 25 holds the distinction of being South Carolina’s first television station. Channel 25.1 is known as ABC Columbia and airs programs from the award-winning ABC network.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV in South Carolina?

You can watch PBS on Channel number 30 on DirecTV.

Is the Etv channel available in Greenville SC?

The South Carolina Channel is part of your local ETV service as ETV.2 via antenna. Greenville, for example, would be 29.2. It is also available on selected cable outlets, marked as SCC or ETVSC.

What kind of shows are on South Carolina ETV?

It also features the bulk of SCETV’s daily children’s shows, offered as a safe-haven for parents looking for quality educational programming. The South Carolina Channel features SC-specific history, arts and nature programming, as well as the CreateTV block of crafts, cooking and home improvement programs.

What are the TV channels in South Carolina?

ETV-HD is our primary channel featuring local and national programs, including everything from “Carolina Stories” and “Palmetto Scene” to “Masterpiece Theatre” and “NOVA.” It also features the bulk of SCETV’s daily children’s shows, offered as a safe-haven for parents looking for quality educational programming.

Is there a PBS station in South Carolina?

South Carolina Educational Television (branded as South Carolina ETV, SCETV or simply ETV) is a state network of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member television stations serving the U.S. state of South Carolina.