What can you do with a major in ethnic studies?

What can you do with a major in ethnic studies?

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies graduates work in a range of fields in communications, government, education, and business**:

  • public opinion analyst.
  • minority program coordinator.
  • teacher or counselor.
  • cross-cultural communications specialist.
  • marketing director.
  • public relations representative.
  • campaign planner.

What falls under ethnic studies?

Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary field of critical race studies that focuses on the four most historically aggrieved racialized groups in the United States: African Americans, Native Americans, Latinas/os, and Asian Americans.

What counts as ethnic studies?

Ethnic Studies is the study of the histories, experiences, cultures, and issues of racial-ethnic groups in the United States. As an interdisciplinary major, the B.A. in Ethnic Studies emphasizes the social and historical study of race and racism in the United States.

Why do ethnic studies matter?

It helps us navigate the present, too. By instilling in our students strong research, writing, and oral skills, combined with a nuanced understanding of the complexities inherent in U.S. society, ethnic studies prepares them to become informed citizens and competitive job seekers.

What is the Study of race and ethnicity called?

Ethnic studies, in the United States, is the interdisciplinary study of difference—chiefly race, ethnicity, and nation, but also sexuality, gender, and other such markings—and power, as expressed by the state, by civil society, and by individuals.

What is college ethnic studies?

Ethnic studies majors examine race and ethnicity, focusing on a comparative and interdisciplinary study of the history and culture of minorities in the United States.

Why is ethnic studies so important?

Why ethnic studies is important today It produces culturally competent, global citizens; provides graduates and scholars a professional, competitive advantage in the workforce; and represents diverse perspectives of reality in a globalized world.