What can you do with a crabapple?

What can you do with a crabapple?

15 Delicious Crabapple Recipes

  • Homemade Crabapple Pectin. Pectin is a starch that occurs in the walls of fruits and vegetables, giving them their firmness and structure.
  • Crabapple Jelly.
  • Crabapple Juice.
  • Crabapple Liqueur.
  • Crabapple Wine.
  • Crabapple Sauce.
  • Crabapple Butter.
  • Crabapple Fruit Leather.

How do you freeze crab apples for pies?

Freezing Crabapples for Pie, Crisps or Cobblers To reduce discolouration, prepare a solution of 1 tsp (5 mL) of ascorbic acid per 4 cups (1 L) of water. Drop unpeeled flesh from around the cores into the solution, soak for 15 minutes, drain, package, seal, label and freeze immediately.

Why are crab apples called crab apples?

Crab apples are technically called such because of their size—small—and not their cultivar, since no two apple seeds are genetically alike. Think of them as their own fruit for culinary reasons, since you can’t use crab apples exactly as you would larger, more familiar apples.

Can you freeze crab apples to use later?

Whole crab apples, crab apple puree, and crab apple juice will freeze well. To freeze whole crab apples, rinse them and remove the stem and blossom end. Freeze in a single layer on a cookie sheet. When frozen, transfer to freezer bags and use within three months.

How do you make a crab apple pie?

Arrange the crab apples in the crust. Combine the sugar, flour and cinnamon and sprinkle over the crab apples. Combine the lemon juice and water and sprinkle over the sugar. Roll out the top crust and lay it on the filling. Trim off any excess dough, crimp the edges, and prick with the tines of a fork to vent.

How to make Crabapple crisp with crab apples?

Add sugar and cinnamon to crab apples set aside. Combine the 6 ingredients for crust use any depth pan you want it will just increase the cooking time. Put your crab apples into pan with your water use the 1/2 cup water if your pan is a deep dish. Then top with your crumb topping completely.

How many crabapples do you need to make Crabapple pie?

Count on 2 1/2 to 3 pounds or about 30 crabapples. The crabapples should be cored, pitted and quartered, but this is messy business because of their size. Here’s how I handled it: Cut the apples in half and cut one of the halves in half again.

What’s the best way to make Crabapple wine?

To make a headier mixture, fill a jar with chopped crabapples and add sugar and 1 ½ cups of vodka. Store out of sunlight on its side and rotate the jar every day for two weeks. Strain and enjoy. Get the recipe here. 5. Crabapple Wine