What can you bring into the Thalmor Embassy?

What can you bring into the Thalmor Embassy?

Nothing but an Amulet of Talos, just to spite them. Then proceed to slaughter through the Thalmor loud and proud, using whatever gear you can steal from them.

How do I sneak through the Thalmor Embassy?

After showing your invitation to the Thalmor bouncer and exchanging pleasantriess with the Ambassador, Malborn urges you to create a distraction so that you can sneak out. Grab a Colovian Brandy either from Malborn or the waitress and hand one to Razelan.

Where is the Thalmor embassy in Skyrim located?

Thalmor Embassy is the Aldmeri Dominion’s diplomatic mission to Skyrim, located north of Solitude, which serves as the center of Thalmor activity in Skyrim. The embassy is a gated complex. Elenwen is the resident ambassador, known for hosting the province’s most powerful men and mer at lavish ambassadorial parties.

How to infiltrate a party at the Thalmor embassy?

Infiltrate a party at the Thalmor Embassy. Talk to Delphine in Riverwood. Meet Malborn in Solitude and give him any equipment you want smuggled into the embassy. Meet Delphine at the stables, wear the party clothes and hop in the carriage for a ride to the embassy. At the embassy, create a diversion and slip away from the party with Malborn.

Where do you find razelan in Thalmor embassy?

There are two sets of double metal gates leading into the courtyard from the outside, and a separate building nearby containing the barracks; the door to the barracks is locked and requires a key to enter. In the courtyard is the carriage you arrived on and Razelan, a fellow party guest.

Who is Thalmor ambassador Elenwen in Skyrim?

Once back in the Sleeping Giant Inn, she will head down to the secret basement and reveal that she has a plan. Thalmor Ambassador Elenwen often throws parties for the upper-class citizens of Skyrim. You are to meet a “man on the inside”, Malborn, who will help you to the best of his abilities.