What bulb is brighter than 3157?

What bulb is brighter than 3157?

It showed that the 3457 is in fact a brighter bulb. It is rated at the same wattage as the 3157, but the brighter filament is rated at 40 candlepower vs. 32 for the 3157.

Are 3157 and 7443 the same?

7443 is a totally different base(the part that plugs into the socket) than a 3157.

Are 7443 and 7444 bulbs interchangeable?

They are confusing. 7443 and 7444 are both clear/white automobile light bulbs and 7443NA and 7444NA are both Natural Amber/yellow automobile light bulbs. If you plug in 7440/NA into a 7443/NA or 7444/NA bulb socket it also works but you lose lower wattage application as 7440/NA is a single filament bulb.

Can I use 4057 instead 3057?

What about the 3057 vs. 4057, the two have the same wedge shape; meaning you can use either in the place of the other, though the 4057 produces more illumination.

What does NAK mean in a bulb?

The NAK designation stands for “Natural Amber Krypton” Long Life. It’s odd to see an amber bulb listed in the tail light position of a full red lens taillight.

What is the difference between 3157 and 3757 bulbs?

The voltages, and powers are the same (and so therefore the current), as well as the light output between the 3157 and 3757 based on Sylvania’s specifications… The only difference is the base.

Is the 3057 bulb interchangeable with the 3157 bulb?

Are 3057 and 3157 bulbs interchangeable? Yes, both 3057 and 3157 have Wedge D.F. type of mounting and can fit in the same holder. You can use 3057 or 3157 for the back-up light bulb, brake light bulb, parking light bulb, tail light bulb, and turn signal light bulb. However, for day time running bulb, 3157 is preferred.

Is there such a thing as a Meling led 3157?

I have not heard of meling LED 3157 but those silly blue headlights have melted plenty in our shop. LEDs have poor side illumination so consider the scope of the viewing area of that lamp. Straight back , fine, but if that same bulb is the one to be seen from the sides too…stick with incandescent.

What is the ANSI code for 3057 or 3157?

The number 3057 or 3157 is called ANSI (American National Standard Institute) code. This number (ANSI code) indicates the type of mounting for the lamp and its power, etc. Whenever you want to replace your vehicle bulb, ANSI code helps you to do it. IV. LED Bulbs

What’s the purpose of a 4157 light bulb?

Mostly used as headlights, these bulbs are a great deal of fit as tails or brake lights. 4157 bulbs fit what cars? This model was created to serve the purpose of rear brake lights but over time they have revolutionized into a DRL, turn signal, parking light, tail and side marker.