What area does Westminster cover?

What area does Westminster cover?

21.47 km²
City of Westminster/Area

What is West London postcode?

List of postcode districts

Postcode district Post town Coverage
W12 LONDON Shepherds Bush district: Shepherd’s Bush, White City, Wormwood Scrubs, East Acton (east)
W13 LONDON West Ealing district: West Ealing, Northfields (north and west)
W14 LONDON West Kensington district: West Kensington, Kensington Olympia, Holland Park

What does WC mean in London postcode?

Western Central
The WC (Western Central) postcode area, also known as the London WC postcode area, is a group of postcode districts in central London, England.

How big an area does a postcode cover?

2) Postcode District On average there are 23 districts in an area. The actual number varies between 3 and 77. Each one varies in size and population quite considerably. Smallest size is EC2N, East Central London (0.03 square miles ).

What does TW mean in postcode?

The TW postcode area, also known as the Twickenham postcode area, is a group of twenty postcode districts in south-east England, within thirteen post towns. These cover parts of south-west London and north-west Surrey, plus a very small part of Berkshire.

Where can I find the City of Westminster postcodes?

This table shows the first postcodes in the built up area, download the CSV file to get all the postcodes. Active?

What is the population of Westminster in London?

This page provides postcode data for the Westminster UK London Borough. Westminster contains approximately 105,747 households with a population of about 219,359 (2011 census)

How to find Westminster City Council id 2504?

Westminster City Council ID 2504 1 Type: London borough (LBO) 2 Exists in generations: 1–42 3 Country: England 4 Example postcode 5 Children 6 Get this data as JSON