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What are the different types of hemostats?

What are the different types of hemostats?

Types of Hemostats

  • Mosquito Forceps. Mosquito Forceps and Halsted Mosquito Forceps have a ratcheted ring handle that provides a secure grip onto smaller blood vessels.
  • Kelly Forceps. Kelly Forceps are used for clamping large blood vessels or to manipulate heavy tissue.
  • Rankin Forceps.
  • Crile Forceps.
  • Mixter Forceps.

What are hemostatic clamps used for?

Kent Scientific’s hemostat forceps, available in curved and straight varieties, are surgical tools used to control bleeding by clamping and holding blood vessels so cauterization or ligation can be performed. Hemostat forceps can also be used for fine tissue dissection and to hold small sutures.

What are towel clamps used for?

The towel clamp is a versatile instrument that is useful in a variety of surgical circumstances. We find it particularly useful in securing and retracting tissue during excision of subcutaneous tumors such as cysts or lipomas.

What is a towel clamp used for?

What can a hemostat clamp be used for?

That’s right, hemostat clamps. This versatile tool can be used in surgeries to stop bleeding but can also be used to grip small objects, perfect for the medical world and the craft world. Have a look at these four hemostat options to get a sense of which pair would be best for you.

What are the different types of hemostats for surgery?

Serrated or non-serrated, straight or curved, standard or extra-delicate, our hemostats have the options to fit a range of cases.

What is the purpose of a hemostatic forcep?

Hemostatic Forceps also called Hemostat, (when clamp off to control the blood flow) are versatile medical instruments aid in clamping small blood vessels to prevent the flow of blood, grasping and securing the fascia, and visualizing and exploring deeper areas of the surgical site.

What kind of clamps do new med instruments use?

Surgical Artery Forceps & Clamps from New-Med Instruments : Artery forceps also known as vascular forceps, hemostatic ones, or clamp is an essential surgical instrument used in the area of medicine. New-Med offers products of exceptional quality to avoid ruptured blood vessels and field-related problems during surgical procedure.