What are the best seats in Stamford Bridge?

What are the best seats in Stamford Bridge?

If you want the best atmosphere and want to sing and feel the most emotion watching the games then the best place to sit is the Shed End or Matthew Harding Stand. These are the two stands behind the goal.

Where do away fans sit at Stamford Bridge?

Away fans visiting Stamford Bridge are located in the Shed End lower tier, nearest the East Stand, with a typical allocation of 3,000.

Where is the Family Stand at Stamford Bridge?

Stamford Bridge Seating Plan & Where to Sit Here is some info on the stands, all of which have upper and lower tiers. The East Stand – The lower section of The East Stand is a family area, so there will be less noise but also less swearing etc. if you have children.

Where is the Shed End Stamford Bridge?

The Shed End is along the south side of the pitch. In 1930, a new terrace was built on the south side, for more standing spectators. It was originally known as the Fulham Road End, but supporters nicknamed it ‘The Shed’ and this led the club to officially change its name.

How many seats are in Stamford Bridge?

Stamford Bridge/Capacity

What is rail seating at Stamford Bridge?

Rail seating has been installed in the Matthew Harding Lower and Shed End Upper and Lower tiers. This improvement enhances supporter safety by replacing the current seats in those sections of the stadium.

Does Stamford Bridge have under soil heating?

In addition to the new hybrid grass pitch, we’ve made significant upgrades to the undersoil-heating, drainage, and irrigation systems.

Who is the owner of Stamford Bridge?

Chelsea Pitch Owners
Stamford Bridge/Owners

Who’s the owner of Stamford Bridge?

Who is the owner of Chelsea?

owner Roman Abramovich
Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has made it clear to the hierarchy at Chelsea that he is ready to bankroll top-tier signings, if deals can be agreed this summer.

How much does Stamford Bridge cost?

Chelsea have significantly increased the projected cost of redeveloping Stamford Bridge to more than £1 billion, which would make it the most expensive stadium in Europe.

Can you bring bags into Stamford Bridge?

Bag size restrictions No bags larger than A4 will be permitted. Please note that due to a lack of space, baggage deposit facilities will not be available so you are strongly advised not to bring any bags to Stamford Bridge or Kingsmeadow.