What are the 14 information-related capabilities?

What are the 14 information-related capabilities?

Examples of information- related capabilities (IRCs) include military information support operations (MISO), military deception, operations security, public affairs, electronic warfare (EW), civil affairs operations (CAO), and cyberspace operations (see chapter 3 for an expanded discussion of IRCs).

What is information operations army?

Information operations and warfare, also known as influence operations, includes the collection of tactical information about an adversary as well as the dissemination of propaganda in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent.

What is essential for successful information operations?

The key to successful knowledge-based operations is exploiting and controlling information. Develop the analytical skills necessary to identify, depict, and exploit the information base of the opposing commander’s decision making process and the global information environment.

How would you describe the physical informational and cognitive dimensions within the IE?

Within the IE, the United States can expect challenges across three interrelated dimensions: the physical, composed of command and control systems, and the supporting infrastructure that enables individuals and organizations to create information-related effects; the informational, composed of the content itself.

How many conditions do you need for cyberspace protection?

There are five Force Protection Conditions: Normal, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. For each condition, there are several security measures stipulated.

What is the set of general conditions circumstances and influences?

1-1. The strategic environment is the set of general conditions, circumstances, and influences throughout the world that can affect military operations.

What is an information operations officer?

The information operations officer coordinates, supervises and participates in all-source current intelligence activities focusing on the intentions, geography and military capabilities of foreign nations, with primary emphasis on the ground forces. Evaluates, interprets, analyzes, and produces intelligence products.

What is war deception?

Military deception (MILDEC) is an attempt by a military unit to gain an advantage during warfare by misleading adversary decision makers into taking actions detrimental to the adversary. Deception in warfare dates back to early history.

What does IO stand for Army?

Information operations
Information operations is the fancy term that the military has given to what nearly every other organization refers to as communications. The purpose of communications is to inform desired audiences in order to influence those audiences to act, or not act, in a manner that is beneficial to the organization.

How many cyberspace conditions are there?

Description. There are five levels of INFOCON, which recently changed to more closely correlate to DEFCON levels. They are: INFOCON 5 describes a situation where there is no apparent hostile activity against computer networks.

What is an indication that malicious is running on your system?

Examples of basic functions that are symptomatic of a malware infection include having a system that won’t boot up, won’t connect to the internet (or connects with a whole bunch of windows open to sites you didn’t go to), won’t perform basic functions, randomly shuts down, or does other weird things.

What are the 8 operational variables?

They analyze and describe an operational environment in terms of eight interrelated operational variables: political, military, economic, social, information, infrastructure, physical environment, and time (PMESII-PT).

What are information capabilities ( IC ) in the military?

Applicable to a wide range of military operations such as stability operations, security cooperation, maritime interdiction, noncombatant evacuation, foreign humanitarian operations, counter-drug, force protection and counter-trafficking MISO representative within the IO cell consistently interacting with the PA, CMO, JIACG and IO planners

Why is information operations important to the Army?

Information Operations, serves as the Army’s foundational doctrine for information operations. The purpose of this edition is to better align Army doctrine with joint doctrine, while recognizing the unique requirements of information operations in support of the land force.

Which is a description of an information capability?

Formerly known as Information Related Capabilities (IRCs), review each Information Capability’s (ICs) objective, purpose, administer and mechanism as it exists in the information environment. The information environment is made up of all individuals, groups and organizations that collect, process, disseminate or act on information.

Who is the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center?

Joint Information Operations Warfare Center (JIOWC)is a CJCS controlled activity reporting to the operations directorate of a joint staff via J- 39 DDGO.