What are the 12 major scales for saxophone?

What are the 12 major scales for saxophone?

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  • C Major (Concert E♭) C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C.
  • G Major (Concert B♭) G, A, B, C, D, E, F#(G♭), G.
  • D Major (Concert F) D, E, F#(G♭), G, A, B, C#(D♭), D.
  • A Major (Concert C) A, B, C#(D♭), D, E, F#(G♭), G#(A♭), A.
  • E Major (Concert G)
  • B Major (Concert D)
  • G♭ or F# Major (Concert A)
  • D ♭ or C# Major (Concert E)

What note is Concert D on alto sax?

It’s just the timbre of the sound that is different—the timbre of an alto saxophone is different from the timbre of a flute or piano….Saxophone Transposition Chart.

Concert Pitch Instruments B♭ Instruments E♭ Instruments
C♯ / D♭ D♯ / E♭ A♯ / B♭
D♯ / E♭ F C

What is the alto sax scale?

Tenor saxophones are tuned to B♭, and alto saxophones are tuned to E♭, but when playing the same note on a score, the fingerings are the same.

What is a concert B flat on an alto sax?

Concert C is their D, Concert Ab is their Bb. Alto and baritone saxes, alto clarinet and most alto horns are Eb instruments: when they play a C it sounds like a Eb on the piano. So, if they want to play a concert Bb scale, they start on a G (they have to think up a six steps in the scale – or down a minor third).

How many scales are there on a saxophone?

“What are the twelve major scales on saxophone?” You can start a major scale on any of the 12 different notes in an octave. Theoretically you can call some of these notes different names, but that doesn’t change what they sound like. You name a scale based off of the first note.

What is G flat on Alto sax?

Description: 1 To play a low F sharp / G flat, add all three main fingers on your left hand, plus the middle finger on your right hand. 2 To play a middle F sharp / G flat, keep all main fingers on their main keys just like a Low F, but add the Register key with your LEFT thumb.

What are the major scales for alto saxophone?

Alto Saxophone Major Scales Circle of Fifths (Sharps) C Major (Concert Eb) G Major (Concert Bb) D Major (Concert F) A Major (Concert C) E Major (Concert G) B Major (Concert D) F# Major (Concert A) C# Major (Concert E)

What is the standard pitch of a saxophone?

Concert pitch is typically at 440 Hz., and internationally, since about the 1950s, the world has settled on 440 Hz. as being what is called Concert A. That is the note that the orchestras tune to, and what is commonly seen now as standard tuning.

What kind of transposition does an alto saxophone have?

• Transposes up a major second from concert pitch • Many newer instruments are equipped with a high F# and sometimes G key Eb Alto Saxophone • Transposes up a major sixth from concert pitch • Many newer instruments are equipped with a high F# key Bb Tenor Saxophone

What makes a saxophone different from a piano?

The saxophone is a transposing instrument. This means that that notes played on the saxophone will sound different from notes of the same name played on a piano, guitar or any other concert pitched instrument.