What are some clay terms?

What are some clay terms?


  • Grog: Ground up bisque added to a clay body to decrease shrinkage and add strength & workability.
  • Plasticity: The property of clay that allows it to be shaped and to hold its shape.
  • Porcelain: A clay body high in kaolin that can be fired to extremely high temperatures to vitrify.

What do you call shaping clay?

Wedging Process used to “knead” the clay to push “air bubbles out” is called wedging. Pinch “Pinch” in ceramics is a method of shaping clay by inserting the thumb of one hand into the clay and lightly pinching with the thumb and fingers while slowly rotating the ball in the palm of the other hand.

What’s ceramic clay called?

Pottery clay is also known as ceramic clay. This is because part of the process of making pottery involves firing it in a kiln. Firing clay involves heating the clay to high temperatures. During the firing process pottery clay is transformed from clay that can dissolve in water, into hard insoluble ceramic material.

What is watery clay called?

Slip – A fine, liquid form of clay applied to the surface of a vessel prior to firing.

What can you do with colored ceramic clay?

They may be used for overlay, inlay and accent decoration, or for throwing, handbuilding and colored engobes (if wet down to a slurry). Colors may be wedged into eachother making a wide rage of colors available. The base clay may be added to vary the intensity of the hue.

What do you call colored blocks of clay?

If you’re bored with glazing, working with colored clay is a fun way to get color and pattern onto your pots. In this feature, Faith Rahill walks us step-by-step through the creation of a colored block of clay that she slices and uses as an inlay pattern on a platter. This colored clay process is often called nerikomi or neriage.

What do you call a piece of clay used to make pottery?

Coil- A piece of clay rolled like a rope, used in making pottery. Compress- Pushing the clay down and together, forcing the particles of clay closer.

What do you use colored clay for in Japan?

Working with Colored Clay. Nerikomi (often referred to as “neriage”) is a decorative process established in Japan that involves stacking colored clay and then slicing through the cross section to reveal a pattern, which can then be used as an applied decoration.