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What age is superflex for?

What age is superflex for?

The curriculum is intended to be taught to children ages 7 to 10+, but can be tailored for use with younger and older kids. When teaching about Superflex to kids ages 5 to 7 or older kids who are immature, focus on developing awareness that their brains generate the powers of the Thinkables and Unthinkables.

Is superflex evidence based?

Not much research has been done on the SuperFlex curriculum, so it would not be qualified as “effective” evidence-based practice. It could, however, be considered a “promising” intervention, if only based on its wide use.

What are Superflex characters?

Superflex is a superhero people have in their minds to help them use strategies to promote self-regulation, social thinking, and related social skills.

Is social thinking ABA?

Proponents of ABA define behavior as on observable and measurable event; proponents of Social Thinking® are more concerned about the internal behaviors (e.g., thought process) of the individual.

How do you introduce social thinking?

DO start by helping individuals acknowledge their own thoughts and feelings about others’ social behavior before expecting them to easily acquire an understanding of different ways in which they should behave socially! DON’T start by teaching how to behave differently!

What is rock brain thinking?

Explain that a “rock thinker” is unable to make their brains move around a problem. They only think of themselves and are not good social thinkers.

What is social thinking methodology?

The purpose of social thinking is to produce social behavior that gives others the emotional experience you intend to give. The Social Thinking Methodology teaches people to be more aware of their emotions and better predict and relate to the emotions of others.

What does Ilaugh stand for?

ILAUGH is an acronym for the research-based concepts that contribute to challenges in those with social learning issues across academic, community, vocational, and social contexts. The sections of the ILAUGH are not only grounded in the literature, but also represent a rich clinical base.

Is zones of regulation ABA?

The Zones of Regulation looks at associating behaviors with a specific zone and teaching appropriate replacement behaviors within each zone.

What is the social thinking methodology?

The Methodology Evidence-based strategies for: InterventionistsSocial Learners. The Methodology The Social Thinking Methodology is a developmental, language-based and thinking-based (metacognitive) methodology that uses visual frameworks, unique vocabulary, strategies, and activities to foster social competencies.

What are social thinking skills?

Social Thinking focuses on helping kids figure out how to think in social situations. Kids are taught to observe and think about their own and others’ thoughts and feelings. They also learn the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

How do I work on flexible thinking?

How to develop an agile mind

  1. Change the context. Take a vacation.
  2. Try something new. Learn to dance, pick up a new language or cook a new recipe.
  3. Question your thoughts and words. Become aware of what you’re thinking and saying.
  4. Plan to be spontaneous. Change up your regular routine.
  5. Mix up the way you think.

Which is the first book in the SuperFlex series?

IMPORTANT: The first book in the Superflex series is You are a Social Detective!, which builds social awareness—the foundation of self-regulation. Please spend time teaching You are a Social Detective! before using the Superflex Curriculum with kids.

What do you need to know about the SuperFlex curriculum?

First, teach You are a Social Detective! to help kids develop a solid foundation of social awareness so they can get the most out of using Superflex teachings. The Superflex Curriculum was designed to be used only after students have practiced being a “social detective”.

How to start a book club with Superflex?

Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. Listen Playing… Paused You’re listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Superflex

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