What actually happened between Pollard and Starc?

What actually happened between Pollard and Starc?

Kieron Pollard and Mitchell Starc have been fined for their heated altercation during the match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Wankhede Stadium on May 6. Pollard lost 75% of his match fee while Starc was penalised 50% by match referee Andy Pycroft.

Why was Pollard angry at Starc?

When Pollard failed to hook the delivery, Starc sledged the Mumbai Indians star although he was waved off by the West Indies international at the time. Starc had started his run-up to bowl the next delivery but the speedster was stopped midway by Pollard which triggered a heated altercation between the two competitors.

Who threw the bat in IPL?

Kieron Pollard
IPL throwback! When MI star Kieron Pollard threw bat at RCB’s Mitchell Starc after heated altercation.

What was the fight between Kieron Pollard and Mitchell Starc?

Mumbai Indians’ West Indian heavyweight Kieron Pollard and Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Mitchell Starc almost came to blows in the IPL-7 match at the Wankhede Stadium on Tuesday. After exchanging a few words, Starc came in to bowl his next delivery on which Pollard pulled out.

Why did Kieron Pollard throw bat at Starc?

Starc refused to pull the brakes and bowled the delivery around Pollard’s legs. The Windies batsman retaliated by throwing his bat at the bowler. However, the bat slipped from Pollard’s hand and dropped on the leg side of the pitch before both players exchanged verbal volleys.

What did Starc do to Pollard in IPL?

What happened next was simply shocking. As Starc was running in, Pollard took a step or two down the track. And, at the very last minute, he backed away and was walking towards square-leg. However, Starc continued and angled a full-paced delivery towards Pollard.

Who was involved in the Micthell Starc fight?

Mumbai Indians (MI) Keiron Pollard and ex-Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) pacer Micthell Starc were involved in a heated altercation during the 2014 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) at the Wankhede.